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I Eloped To Marry My Love And Seven Years Later, I Still Don't Regret It

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I am not perfect. Nobody is. Prone to errors we all are and that is what makes us human. Born to a conservative South Indian Brahmin family, you can imagine my traditional upbringing. Yet, my parents did give me all the good reasons to be happy. I had a good education and got a job in an MNC.

That’s where my life took a U turn, so sharp that I wouldn’t be able to undo the changes that would happen. It was the year 2009, when I first met him. He has these beautiful green eyes.

They seemed attractive, like a magnetic charm that you couldn’t resist. We took to each other so fast, it was an unusual bonding, and we couldn’t name it. Each of our company meetings would bring us closer and finally the realization dawned on us that we were in love and wanted to be together for life. But that’s where all the downfalls began, my parents would never accept our match since there were caste issues which are a major setback in South India.

Against all odds and lots of struggle, I left home. This was a decision which was the crazy, spur of the moment kind of thing to do. I was leaving behind my entire world for the sake this one man I loved.

Life would never be the same again. I took his hand on June 3, 2010, in a ceremony where the pillars of my life, my parents were missing. It was heart aching. I wanted to be happy because I was getting married to the man I loved, but I couldn’t.

The feeling of letting down my parents was so great that it weighed down my own happiness.

Today 7 years later, things are changing for the better. My parents have come to realize that I am happy with the choice I made. They do love and cherish their grandchild and care for us. I couldn’t ask for anything more, a loving husband, forgiving and caring parents, a doting son and a flourishing career.

It’s the most perfect life any girl could ask for and I thank God for each of the blessings that he has showered on me.

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