I Don't Want To End My Unhappy Relationship Because Karma Might Find Me Again

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 25 November, 2017

I was in the 12th standard when I was talking to this guy. He was a year older than me but we connected instantly. Within a month of knowing each other, we began dating. He was the perfect boyfriend. He’d get roses for me every single time and even bought me chocolates before our dates.

He spoke to me every evening till I reached home from my classes and would even celebrate my birthdays like it were a festival. He introduced me to his whole family, all his friends and loved pampering me. There was a lot that I did for him too and we soon became the ideal couple for our friends and ourselves.

When I entered college, that’s when things began to change. He would want to spend time with me, but I wanted to enjoy the attention I was getting in college. I soon found out that he would text anyone, well any guy, who would try to talk to me and this would just end up in us having major fights. Soon after, I began hiding things from him. Because I didn’t want to spoil what we had.

It used to pinch me when people told me that I deserved better and that he wasn’t good enough for me. I’m social, while he was shy. I was getting a degree in engineering while he was in BBA. I tried not to, but I soon realized, I was falling out of love. I never wanted this to happen.

He was my perfect boyfriend. How could this happen? I’ll tell you, I was getting attracted to someone else in college. I never wanted to, but it was just one of those things that happened. This guy, he respected me, my decisions and was even handsome and well-spoken. More importantly, he gave me freedom.

After two years, I left my boyfriend and began dating this other guy. There’s no doubt that I was guilty about this. I know that he loved me with my heart and soul, but there was no spark, and I shouldn’t have to stay with him just to keep things calm. My heart had stopped beating for him.

But, take this from me, karma is true and it came back to me. I left a man who loved me, wanted to marry me for a guy who is completely opposite. My new boyfriend couldn’t even tell his own friends about us, let alone celebrate special days with me.

He used to get bored of me and often made fun of my smile. I used to cry myself to sleep and there are times when I just want to run back to my ex. But I know things are never going to be the same. It just makes me think, it’s always better to love someone who loves you back, no matter all their flaws.

I’m not going to leave my boyfriend now, I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes of leaving someone without a reason. Because I now know and believe that karma exists.
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