I Don't Earn As Much As She Wants Me To, But She Needs Me For Now

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 15 November, 2017

After nearly two and a half years, she comes and tells me, “we’re just friends”.

It all began when I was in my final year of college. She was my junior and we had been friends for over a year and a half already. We used to share the same bus on the way to and from college since we lived nearby, and quickly became friends.

We began dating a little while after, and it was amazing. Everything about us was perfect: we began spending all our free time together, in college and otherwise. We would go for long walks in the woods nearby and enjoy quiet, romantic dinners together too.

Her mother had a vague idea about us, but she was fond of me and we looked at that as an approval to us.

All the while, I was worried about my future, well, our future. My career had to work out, so that I could give her the life that she deserved. One that we both would be proud of sharing together.

I got a job in Delhi and soon had to leave. We decided that we would carry on with our relationship, no matter the distance, because of the love that we shared.

Unfortunately, when I was there, her mother was hospitalized and I rushed back to be with them. In December, she passed away. This might sound extremely filmy but her mom made me promise that I would always take care of her daughter. I told her I always would.

One I was getting a better and stronger foothold in my job, I spoke to my mother about us. She was a bit hesitant at first, but then she agreed to give us a fair chance.

When I could, I would visit home every month, for two-three days, and I could spend some quality time with my mother. Now, however, my girlfriend seemed to be demanding much more of it. And when I’d spend my time with her, my mother would get upset.
It was getting tougher and tougher to manage this balance, but somehow, I always managed.

Things took a new turn, after around a year into my new job. She had just completed her 7th-semester exams and when I went to meet her, she said that she had to see a friend. I later found out, that she went to meet someone she had spoken to online. When I confronted her about this, she told me that she didn’t have to tell me every single thing about her life. I never saw her like this before. Although, thinking about it, I had never asked her about anything before.

From March onwards, there were drastic changes in her behaviour. She was online on Whatsapp, but wouldn’t reply to my texts. She began avoiding my calls too. And when we would speak, she was always in a rush to hang up.
After a while, I decided to check her Facebook and Instagram accounts. I found numerous chats which had taken place between unknown men and her. Numbers were exchanged too and she would tell them that her boyfriend had ditched her.

In April, my work reached a level that I knew I was ready to take things forward. And so, I tried to speak to her, to my mom, about all of this. I knew I wanted to prepare for CAT now and she told me she was going to support me no matter what my decision would be.

On the first of May, I decided to quit my job and follow my dream. On the 3rd, she called me and told me that she didn’t want to take things forward with us. I was shocked. She told me she wanted more from her life. She wanted it big and lavish. But before I could say anything, she said felt like she wouldn’t be able to live with someone as smothering as my mother.

This was the last straw.

I spent a few nights crying, but it was obvious that she wanted nothing more. Two days later, she called me and asked me why I hadn’t called her back. I told her that I loved her, a lot… but that I couldn’t forget what she had said about my mother, and my career. Clearly, she needed more from me than I could provide. And it was obvious that she had already made her decision for us.

Eventually, she got a job and was shifting to a different city. I did everything that she had asked me to and even helped her find a good place to stay. My friends beg me to see through her behaviour. She’s using me. I know this. But I can’t deny anything that she says or asks me for.

I can’t treat her, the way she treats me, but I do know one thing for sure. Whatever happened, I’ve realized that no one stands by you in your hard days, except your family. And I’ve learned this, the hard way.
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