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I Didn't Get The Job, But I Have A Path In Front Of Me That I Can't Resist

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Turning 25 was great. I actually was looking forward to this birthday. For some reason, it felt like I had just turned a new leaf, something in me felt brand new. Don't ask me what I did for my birthday but I did have a great time. Who needs cake when you have awesome friends? But the day came and passed like any other, and reality was right in my face.

Is it ok to call this quarter-life crisis because it feels like it? That point in your life where all your imagination says that you'd be having a great job (read salary), a neat family and circle of friends who mean the world to you, your own place, financial freedom with a semblance of stability and a boyfriend wouldn't be a bad addition to the cake. Well, all I had on my 25th were just the family and friends. How did it make me feel? Certainly, on the material day, I wanted to feel nothing but bliss. Which I maintained the entire day. And thereafter, you ask? Well, I got frustrated.

I took an interview the following week and I think I impressed the panel because they were all smiling the entire time I was in there. But then, I didn't get the opportunity. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this.

Feedback just came in yesterday that I was not suitable for the positions because they weren't in line with my training. Anyway, I didn't feel bad. I was glad because, like many 20-something aged people in our country, all you do is apply for jobs with no feedback or invitation to an interview. So yes, feedback, even the website generated mail, helps even if you never get called. At least employers should take note of the application.

Fast forward to two weeks later, I took another interview. This one was a training and internship program. I got picked but my broke a** couldn't pay the training fee. Also, I wanted more and January was going to give me that. I hope 2018 doesn't disappoint me. Anyway, when I have the money, I can always enrol in the above program so that's ok.

Well, I am hopeful about January because, at the beginning of this year, I got a job that I had to wait 6 months for. Trust me, 6 months of hoping is a long time. Anyway, the waiting drained me but I kept hopes high and when the job came, I did my best and learnt a lot more while I was working. So the waiting was worth it.

That show is in its second season now and will be back in January so my hopes are high once more. It's a big show and a big deal in my industry. It's good for my experience and CV so why not? Here I am again, holding out hope. I have a feeling I won't get disappointed. So help me God.

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