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I Decided To Leave The Country So I Could Get Over Her

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I was just a normal boy blessed with loving parents, a good family, and great friends.

After my graduation, I fell in love with a girl from my hometown. She also liked me and we felt lucky to have each other. We were different from other couples and had set boundaries, which we never crossed.

We never even kissed each other and decided to hold it till we got married.

All was perfect until her father fixed her marriage with another guy because we belonged to different religions. He managed to emotionally blackmail her to get married to the other guy.

I was completely broken. I tried contacting her but she avoided me. She didn’t want me in her life anymore.

I went into depression but told her that I'd always be there for her.

I was in pain and had started hating all our memories. I even hated my home and hometown because it brought back our memories. So, I shifted to another city leaving my family behind.

But it didn't help. Finally, I decided to leave India permanently because I thought it would help me feel better.

A year went by and I finally got out of my depression. I got used to the pain. That’s when I also got my visa for America and decided to shift there.

But I’d never wanted to leave my hometown. Unlike others, it was my dream to settle there and look after my parents.

That would make me happier and more satisfied than going abroad and earning dollars. I was now confused about going abroad or staying with my family. However, I couldn’t cancel going because my father had already invested a lot in it.

To add to my confusion, I suddenly received a phone call from my ex-girlfriend. 

She said that her husband was having an affair and also confessed that she could never really love him because she couldn’t move on from us.

She had never even let her husband touch her.

I too confessed that I still loved her and would love her all my life. She said that she would try to get a divorce. I told her that I would marry her after her divorce and she was happy with the idea.

I told her about my plans to shift abroad and that no matter where I was, she would be with me.

Currently, she is still trying to get a divorce while on the other side, I'm confused about leaving or staying back.

My tickets are booked but I'm still unsure of what to do. I’d taken the decision to move out so that I could get out of my depression.

But now that I'm out of depression, has it become too late to say no?

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