I Couldn’t Be With My Soulmate Because I Was Scared His Wife Would Come Back

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 23 August, 2017

I had an arranged marriage but my husband was not at all supportive. He came home late at night and didn’t earn enough so I had to provide for my family. I joined a job.

I worked long hours and earned more than my husband. I was patient with the process till I found out that he was sleeping with another woman. I left the house immediately and moved back with my parents.

I decided to never marry again; I did not want anyone else to hurt me but then someone else came into my life. I met him at a school function; he was my classmate in school.


He was married and had a son who studied in the same school where I taught. His name was Rishi and his son’s name was Rajveer. His wife had left him 2 years ago and he told me about how Rajveer misses the warmth and care of a mother and needed guidance with his studies. So, I started giving him private tuitions at my place.

Rishi came to drop him everyday and we became friends; maybe a little more than friends.

Rishi noticed that Rajveer liked me a lot and one day, he asked me if I’d want to marry him. I became speechless. I could not give an answer. Rishi said he knew his wife will never come back to him again. I somewhat felt like his wife would come back and ruin everything.

I ran away from the situation. I left that city because somewhere I had also started loving him. I can't tell him about my feelings even if I want to. He tried to contact me but I have ignored his calls for over a year.

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