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I Couldn’t Analyze A Concept Like ‘Unconditional Love’ With My Mind. I Could Only Feel It With My Heart.

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What is unconditional love? We are excited when we see a good looking boy for the first time. Is that feeling unconditional love? We feel elated when we are praised by our crushes. Is that emotion unconditional love? We feel happy when we share the same kind of thoughts and feelings with our dream boy. Is that feeling of happiness unconditional love?

I was really very confused by all these thoughts. I wondered how to figure out a concept like ‘unconditional love.’ Somehow I just wanted to know the reason behind unconditional love.

When we want something very badly from our loved ones we automatically start expecting them to fulfil our desires don’t we? So how can love work without any conditions?

So I tried to look at ‘unconditional love’ from a very different perspective. I thought unconditional love was created in our minds. So I tried to manipulate my mind and tried to synchronize my feelings with my thoughts. Unfortunately, it did not work. 

I could change my habits for a while but I could not change my natural tendencies.

I then tried an entirely different approach. I trusted a person blindly and was determined that nothing would affect our inner peace.

Despite all the trust that we had in each other some kind of insecurity continued to prevail within my heart.

So what was my next option? I felt that some people were blessed with the ability to love unconditionally because they had some inherent magical powers. I assumed that they remained untouched by all the evil thoughts that plagued every relationship.

I felt such people were really special and ordinary people like me could not reach their realm.

I had almost decided that this was the right definition of ‘unconditional love’ when I saw a mother screaming loudly in pain in a hospital. She was delivering her baby and was bearing all the pain happily because she loved her baby.

She had not yet seen her baby but she was sure that she would love it more than her life itself. It sounded crazy and made no sense to me. 

Then I wondered about the institution of marriage. A wife gets married to a husband and then willingly gives up all her happiness for the sake of her family. How can she live with him happily for the rest of her life after sacrificing so much?

She does not even expect any love from her family!

I then wondered about the bond that siblings share. Why is there such a blissful feeling of security in that bond between brothers and sisters?

I now realized that the answer to my question was embedded in my question itself. There is no need to think or try or show our love to anyone. So there are no expectations either. Just a simple smile on our loved ones faces has the power to transport us to heaven and fill our heart with happiness and love.

That is how the entire concept of unconditional love works. We just have to pour our love into someone’s heart beautifully and our own souls are automatically filled with more love and devotion.

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