I Cheated On My Fiance And I'm Not Sorry For It

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 18 August, 2017

Sometimes, we come across people in our lives who we don't really like initially, but slowly and often unknowingly, we start falling for them. That's exactly what happened with me. He was my colleague at work and was senior in rank to me. Being a fresher in a new environment, I didn't really like most of my seniors, including him. But there was something about him that attracted everyone towards him, and yet he got on my nerves and I couldn't tolerate him. Gradually, however, things changed between us and we became friends. Slowly, we fell in love with each other.

Life felt like a movie. After being with each other for a year and a half, we decided to get married.

It was difficult for us to convince our families, but we were persistent and finally after a long wait, we managed to convince both our families. We got engaged and I felt like the happiest girl alive. He was my pride, he was my everything. But, there was something about him that had been bothering me for months.


I felt a slight change in his behavior towards me. He started taking me for granted and had no time for me or my calls. Even on our dates, he would invite his best friend along. Things just kept getting worse after our engagement. He started doubting me because I was too tired to put in any more efforts by calling him several times and taking care of several other small things for him.

During this time, someone else came into my life.

He was my colleague and initially, I didn't pay him any attention. But after a while, I couldn't keep my new friend away from me and the negligence from my fiance opened a door for him. He was there to support me emotionally, even when my fiance wasn't. He would listen to me and console me saying that things will work out after marriage. Obviously my fiance wasn't aware of our growing friendship. But everything comes at a cost and because my friend gave me time and attention, I too had to become his support when he so required.

Then, a month before my marriage, my fiance found out about him. He abused me, questioned my character and broke off our engagement. It was the hardest time of my life.

I couldn't breathe and was unable to face the world. Although my friend was there with me through all this, I started blaming him for everything. Meanwhile, my family started looking for another guy for me, as it had become a matter of pride for them. They wanted to get me married as soon as possible.

Today, I am a married woman. It's been six months since my wedding and things are going good between me and my husband. I am trying hard to come out of depression and living a far better and peaceful life than the one my ex- fiance could have given me.

Now, when I look into the past, I don't even feel sorry for cheating on him emotionally. He was responsible for putting me into that situation. He had always treated me as his girlfriend, but I had treated him as my life partner and he couldn't live up to the expectations of one.

This was the difference between us. Sometimes I do miss him, but life goes on for everyone.