I Can’t Wait To Return Home From Abroad After What My Uncle Did

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 11 August, 2017

Well, it all started on the 18th of September. The day I landed in a foreign land for making my so-called future bright and successful like all others who said life is amazing outside India. I came trying all the possible adjustments and settling ways. For a few weeks, it was good. I had a transition from a feel free life to a stressful one.

Well, the place I work is owned by my uncle. He was my uncle. I never thought that I would experience threat from him. But that's where all this started from little bit to a highly pressurized environment. He molested, disrespected me in those two months that I stayed with him. He put a lot of restrictions on me and made sure that I met nobody.

It's time to go back. I really pray to go back as early as possible. I wish to go back to the land that makes me feel safe and to the people who know me as a good person.

Summing up last few words, all I can say is that people who are looking for a job abroad or are planning to shift into a business learning crap with their relatives, please BEWARE! You might get exploited and demoralized just like I was.

Editor's Note:

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