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I Can't Leave My Wife Even Though I Know She Loves Someone Else

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I am a 29-year-old man who was leading a simple life. Like everyone, I too had infatuations but I was never strong enough to confess to a girl that I loved her.

However, I had decided that when I get married, I will give my wife all my love so that she is always happy.

At the perfect time, my marriage was arranged with a girl from the same caste. Since I had made up my mind to love my wife with all my heart, I started developing a liking towards her. After our parents and we met, and everything was finalized, I took her number so that we could talk and get to know each other.

I told her about myself, my dreams and was also honest about my previous infatuations.

As we kept talking, I also asked her if she was or had been in love with someone else, but she said no. Soon the time of our engagement came. Within 10 days of getting engaged, we got married. Both of us were happy and so were our parents. Time went by and she went back to her place of work.

Then one time, while on a holiday, I discovered that she was in love with somebody and was still sending him ‘I love you’ messages.

I was shocked. The fact is that though I love her very much, she hasn't felt or expressed any love towards me. All she says is that she needs time, be it for love or sex. She isn’t even ready to leave her job to come and stay with me. Because her so-called ex-boyfriend also stays in the same place.

I don't know if she has even a little space in her heart for me, or am I just her so-called husband?

I don't know whom to trust anymore! Even after knowing about her other love life, I haven’t told her parents about it, because it will give her a bad name and bad impression in front of them.

I still love her a lot and I don't want to leave her. 

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