I Believed In Him And My Life Finally Began To Change

Jo Nthuli Jo Nthuli in Your Story on 20 January, 2018


After ranting about being jobless last time, I'm back. I still don't have one but hey, there's more to life. So today, I pose a question to you.

Do you believe?

Remember my tale of the picture perfect me at 25? There's something I got to achieve by 25 that I never paid much attention to while creating that perfect picture image of me in my head but yes, it came along and if anything, it has taught me a very important lesson.

Spirituality. Religion.

In the past, I have always been a religious person.

I grew up in a home where Church and all things related to God and prayer were taken seriously.

I attended children’s service and sang with my sister dutifully. It was fun. I faithfully attended catechism and got baptized on a chilly day.

I was twelve. I still hear the Church elders sing every 3rd of May. It opened a new chapter of knowing God and acknowledging Him and His word.

I fell off the wagon of Christ every once in a while as most Christians have.

At one point, I didn't set foot in a Church for about two and a half years but all along, I knew I should be in a Church praying and praising. However, this year was one year that assured me of God's presence in our lives.

I learned that when we pray for the littlest or what we may see as minute, He hears us.

I learned that when you are down and out, He picks you up. No matter how many times you fall. I learned that where there's no way, He makes a way. I learned that when people prey on you, He shoulders you from the harm coming your way.

I learned that believing, even when in doubt, makes things better.

I learned that when you feel inadequate, He completes you. Above all, I learned to be thankful at all times, through the good and the bad.

These, among many other things, are what made my year. A few weeks after my birthday, our Church held a service for prayer, praise, and worship. They dubbed it IPrayse. The theme for the month was 'Thanksgiving'.

Obviously, I couldn't miss it for anything after the kind of year I had had. It was this day that I believed the words of Israel Houghton's, "He knows my name."

During a moment of prayer with a lady whom I didn’t know, at least not personally, she called me by my name.

As if to answer my question, "Did you just call me by my name?", she did it again. I was overwhelmed.

See, when I went to pray with her, my feet were shaky. I was burdened with thought and worries. I felt uncertain.

Something, however, pushed me to go to the front and pray with that lady. So I gathered the courage and strength I had to go to her. By the time we were done, I felt stronger; I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. My heart was at ease.

It was in that moment that my faith just grew a little larger than a mustard seed.

I shared my experience with my best friend who is equally prayerful and she told me that God called me to reassure me that all would be well.

That He would keep doing it for me as He'd done before. I believed it.

There's no better explanation to the entire ordeal other than, 'He truly knows my name'. So once again, do you believe?

Editor's Note:

Share this story because sometimes, a little faith and belief is all you need to make things better.