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I Am Not Busy, I'm Just Living A Queen-Sized Life

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I am tapping to the music of life. 

I am a fun-loving, a multi-tasker, and most importantly, I swear by a ‘never-give-up' attitude. I believe this is the age to struggle and I don't distract myself with young adulthood fads like weekend parties. 

You'll mostly catch me hustling from morning shoots to perfecting my dance moves. At the same time, I'm progressing at my corporate job. 

I ensure I am a perfectionist at everything I do! 

Turning the im-possible to possible, I picked out my strengths of dancing and charisma to introduce myself on Instagram. I started attending events, networking with professionals, and collaborating. 

Since I am caught up with my job at Capita during the day, I plan early morning and weekend shoots to always be in sync with my career as an influencer. 

'Practice Makes You Perfect!', I keep saying. 

The biggest challenge for any performer is stage-fear but I overcame that fear a long time back. My parents enrolled me in dancing classes when I was a kid, and from that time, I developed a love for performing on stage, never fearing it. To date, I attend weekend dance classes and get training from my dance master Kunal More who guides my choreography at every step. 

My passion for dancing is always alive, as I watch unlimited YouTube videos to pick up unique steps and run them through Kunal. However, I remark myself “I am confident about dancing but if you throw a new challenge like anchoring, I might take time to adapt to it. Therefore, practice is the key to confidence!” 

Identifying your goals, as you know, is the natural next step.

My success is partly because of my clear vision and mission. From the start, I identified what my goals are. For instance, during high school, I ensured I was on track with my goals to become an engineer and was detained from my dad’s advice of pursuing medicine. We often get bound by pressures from parents and friends, but I have always listened to my inner self before making any decision. 

What keeps my mind so focused and positive? Simply by staying away from negativity and putting my focus on my career. 

I look up to celebrities like SRK and Aishwarya Bachchan who completely ignore all the negativity on their social media and keep going! 

Staying fit is important. The motivation to start fitness- I started conceiving myself as an athlete, the only way to motivate myself to exercise is, to begin with: “Don't wait for it”. Defining “why” for exercise gives me a personal or emotional investment in my goals. I believe being fit is your longtime investment in yourself. 

I like trials and I challenge myself to modify. Think about it. When you're framing a future workout, you're in a different headspace. You're probably relaxed, rested, and feeling good, maybe envisioning yourself going through a workout and being successful.  

Motivation is never really going to happen. You have to make it happen. Yes, it sounds like a cheesy sports commercial, but real motivation comes from you, and the good news is, you have a variety of resources to choose from. I am a self-loving person and the motivation to start is wanting to see myself fit, strong, healthy - to increase my strength within, and decrease my stress. I started feeling positive post joining this fitness journey. 

My bright future has a lot more in store! My plans include starting a YouTube channel and launching my dance videos. I always hum the song “Jugni Hey… Udi Hey… Dil Mein Ghar Kiye… O Pinjra Khol, O Pinjra Khol O…” from the movie Queen and wish everyone to spread only positivity even if we are stuck in the COVID pandemic. My mantra is “Let loose and enjoy life, there is never a dead end and the future has a lot in store.”

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