I Am In Love And I Cannot Wait To Turn Our Story Into A Happy Ever After

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 26 January, 2018

Love should not remain unexpressed. The person I am in love with still doesn’t know about my true feelings because I haven’t told him. My life has become a long wait. I would call him Pushpa, the reason is quite funny yet lovely. His parents have given him a long name, but I call him Pushpa from day one. He is my senior and team lead. I came to know this after accepting his Facebook friend request.

He is a well mannered and polite guy, and this is what drew me to him.

We started texting on FB messenger. He told me then that the first time he saw me was in the office parking when I was getting late for work and was rushing to the office. Maybe that is why I hadn’t noticed him there.


He said that he got me as a friend suggestion on Facebook, and one can call it destiny because for me it was wonderful when we started talking and getting to know each other. Our first meeting was in the office itself. He was waiting for me outside the cafeteria, which is also one of my favorite spots in the office. We met for hardly fifteen minutes but the way he spoke to me and the smile on his face made me curious to know more about him. He felt the same for me.

Finally, he confessed to me on call that he was attracted to me.

I was elated and very happy, but I was not able to express to him that I also feel the same for him. 

He told me that he was in a relationship for five years, but they separated due to misunderstandings. What was relaxing for me was that he was finally single and that we both had started liking each other. Our first date was on a weekend, and he asked me out at the end of a long phone conversation.

Initially, I hesitated to meet him as I was shy since he doesn’t know of my feelings yet.

The best part of the date was when he kept complimenting me. He said that I looked gorgeous in my pink kurta. I was on cloud nine. He held my hand very softly, but it felt like he did not want to let me go. When he dropped me home, I don’t know why but the way he held my hand it seemed like he wanted me to stay for a bit more.

Author's Note:

I don’t want to lose you Pushpa. I love you and I want to complete this story and turn it into a happy ending. I want to become your life partner and I am eagerly waiting for the day when you will ask me to marry you.

Editor's Note:

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