I Almost Turned Him Down, But He Became The Happy Ending Of A Lifetime

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 9 November, 2017

I was dealing with a bad breakup. So bad, that reality had hit me hard.

Everybody goes through three phases after a bad breakup. First, you hate him for cheating on you in spite of you being so loyal. Second, where you question yourself as to what went wrong and whether you were not good enough for him, and finally, where you come to terms with what happened and understand that life has to move on.

Well, I was in the second phase when this guy came into my life. Let us call him Abhi. We were from the same college and we were decent friends for four years. He asked me out when I was dealing with my breakup, and my immediate response was a big NO. I had forgiven what my ex-boyfriend had done to me but I had not forgotten. So I did not want to get into any relationship because of my own trust issues.

Now, what surprised me the most about Abhi is that he never demanded an explanation. He just told with a smile "Let me know if you change your mind," and he continued to be the same friend as before.

3 months passed by and he introduced me to his family and friends. He would always be extra caring and loving towards me. I did not care about it much because after the breakup, I had realized that all guys try to show off initially to get the girl and once they get them, all this care and love just vanishes in thin air. But when he introduced me to his family and friends, I realized he was the same towards everyone and he was not faking it.

I thought a lot and decided to give love another chance. But this time, I was very cautious not to give in myself completely. He was completely different from my ex. He was a bit boring, unromantic and not that sort of person who believes in PDA, and I am the type of girl who is just out of a Yash Raj Film.

So slowly, I started feeling bad that he never showed his love for me. But I kept this to myself because I did not want to make any mistake by displaying my emotions and get terribly hurt later.


After a few months, I met with a terrible accident and I had to get 6 stitches on my forehead. Abhi came to see me and I could see tears in his eyes and how hard he was trying to fight them. I could see the pain and love in his eyes. He just came and hugged me tight and did not care who was around.

That day, I realized how immature and wrong I was about the picture of love. True love does not just mean PDA or a romantic date. True love is when he cares for you not materialistically but when he cares for your soul, your well-being, your heart and everything that is you.

It has been 4 years since then and I am getting married to him this January. He is still the same, boring and unromantic. But the difference is I have learnt to see the love in those small and little things he does.

He may not even know it, but those are the things that make my heart beat stronger with love for him. Thank you, Abhi, for just being you.

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