I Agreed To Marry A Shameless Man So He And His Greedy Family Could Ruin My Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 18 January, 2017

This is a nightmare that still keeps haunting me and will forever keep me thinking.  

I wanted to set a good example for my husband, rather than being the ranting, cranky wife, I wanted to be an understanding wife to him. But that was the biggest mistake I made.

His parents were extremely dominating, suspecting, rude, and insensitive. It is scary to see to what extent they could blame people even when they were in their most normal state of mind. They got away with it all their lives with the mere excuse of being illiterates. They glorified their own sufferings of the past, but never had empathy for others' suffering.


To my (pretentious) traditionalist mother, marriage was the most viable option to get rid off me. She wanted to take revenge for all the money I made my dad spend on my education, and couldn't return. I wasn't given a chance to prove my integrity. I was forced into this entire "marriage" deal through coaxing, emotional blackmailing, and innumerable threats. Finally, I gave in.

As far as I was aware of the world around me, my own family's financial status and the responsibilities that I had, like paying my educational loan off and building a career for myself, marriage was not really practical at that time. Also, having seen a bit of the world through my foreign education, I knew that marriage was not for me, at least then. But things didn't go as what I wanted and I was made to create an online account on a matrimonial website and was made to skim through profiles everyday.

It was there that I came across his profile my ex-husband's. My mother liked the alliance. She made me send him a request and the reply came immediately. Things moved very fast but I didn't know what it was leading to.

The guy had a work visa in the UK, which was about to expire in two years. That was all that everyone in my house cared about. When he spoke with me for the first time, it was alright. I was a bit uncomfortable but then I thought I had to "get used to" these things if I wanted to ever enter the marital world. So I allowed myself to like those conversations.

Then his parents came one day to make me "their" girl by giving me money for my birthday dress. I realised that things were changing but I was optimistic that the future would be bright.

He called me one day and said, "Even if you don't talk to me, I won't mind, but I want you to talk to my parents everyday." I thought that it might be a rule to follow in the beginning and everyone would complain if I don't so I called them too. I was brought up in a very independent environment and this was very uncomfortable for me.

His family was shamelessly very particular about dowry and so they took away everything that my parents had, except their house, hoping that their daughter's future would be set.

But when their daughter bought jewelry of her choice with the money, all hell broke loose, I was made to return everything and it was replaced with nasty designs that only villagers would wear. My mother-in-law threatened us in front of everyone. I was scared but my traditionalist mother and her warnings and blackmails threatened me more than anything.

I kept quiet. But I started hating them. They forced themselves on me, making me do things that I never would have done otherwise.

His chats got dirtier by the day. He came online for a video chat from London once, he wanted to have phone sex and so he asked me to strip for him and prove my virginity to him.

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