How It Feels When The Love Of Your Life Chooses The 'Richer Guy' Over You

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 24 April, 2017

It all started last year, during one of my family functions. I had no interest in attending it but my parents forced me to attend so I did. But I got lucky, I saw a pretty girl who was my sister-in-laws's cousin. She was gorgeous. She looked at me and smiled the whole time during the function. I felt like she was into me and I smiled back.

After 3 days, I received a Facebook friend request from her and I accepted it. I started messaging her and found out that she was totally into me.

Soon we fell in love with each other and she was the one who asked me out. I couldn't believe that everything worked out so perfectly. I mean she was so perfect.

She cared for me so much that she would literally cry if I even got a mild fever. Few months passed like this and it was time to tell our parents about this. We were confident that they will agree since we belonged to the same caste. I broke the news to my parents and they said yes and were happy. They knew the girl too.


She told her mom about me but she hid the fact that she loved me because her parents were a bit old school. She said they may get angry if she told them the truth. A month went by like this and all of a sudden, her dad found out that she was in love with me. He came home and told her to forget me and that this marriage wasn't going to happen.

We were devastated. His reason was that I was not rich enough. I am an engineer and I own a house in the heart of the city but that wasn't good enough for her dad.

My parents spoke with him and all kind of attempts were made but he ignored. He never responded to my parents either. Then all of a sudden, she blocked me on Whatsapp, Facebook, everywhere. I thought she was upset and had lost all hope. So I decided to make a final attempt to speak with her mother and father and I did.

They said "She said she doesn't like you, we tried to convince her but all this while she said she didn't like you." My heart was broken. I didn't know what to believe.

I was made to feel that all this time she was playing with my feelings. She never loved me. She was faking it. I was just a time killer for her when she was bored. I tried to contact her to ask her why she did this to me but got no replies.

Later I found out that her parents had found a groom for her who was very rich so she had blocked me and pretended nothing ever happened between us. She kept me as an option — she would've come to me had she not found a better groom. She chose him over me.

One year of unconditional love came falling down in a day. Every night I feel like killing myself. I still can't get over her betrayal. Thinking of all those talks of how happy we would be as a couple just makes me very angry today. I hope to get over it soon.

Author's Note:

Does love have no value? Is money everything? I feel like I don't belong here. May be I'll leave this city soon.

Editor's Note:

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