How Can I Celebrate Eid When I've Lost Them Both So Irreversibly?

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 16 June, 2018

Being in a relationship with him since the last 6 years had assured my family and me that he was the most perfect guy I could have ever asked for. He was all supportive and caring. He even knew about my past relationship yet always stood by my side as he believed I was cheated upon. He did not like to see me cry, it seemed like his only goal in life was to make me feel happy.

For giving me surprises, he would travel long distances and fulfil all my wishes. My friends envied our love story.

Everything was like a fairy tale and eventually, he was able to convince his parents for marriage and we got engaged in the month of December. A new year was about to begin, everything was so perfect and joyous but at that very time, my Uncle was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I used to call my uncle chote daddy because he had always fulfilled his duties towards us like a father.

He did not have his own family, and my sister and I were lucky to have him in our life as he showered all his love and care on us.

The doctor said he didn't have much time and is slowly nearing his death. The medication would just be able to prolong his life a bit. I got married to the love of my life because I wanted my uncle to see me as a bride before his final goodbye. Six months passed away quickly and one day I received a call saying that he was critical. I immediately booked a flight to see him for the last time. Just an hour before I reached home, his soul had already departed. All his pain and sufferings came to an end but along with it, my trust on my life partner that he loved me immensely was also shattered because he wasn't there to hold me when I was completely broken.

He didn't come to stand with my family at the time of grief.

My uncle was the first in my family who approved our love yet my husband did not come to fulfil his duty of performing the last rituals of my uncle. A week later, he was supposed to come home for our first Eid celebration, he didn't make any changes in his plan even though I needed him.

Eid means happiness, only a happy heart can celebrate Eid, not a broken and shattered one.

Love is all about caring, I believe that if you don't care about someone then you don't love them.

Editor's Note:

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