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Be The Best Housewife In The World But Don't Lose Yourself

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I'm 27 and a housewife. I got married at the age of 25. Yes, it was too early for me to get married. But my mom was on death bed and she wanted me to get settled in front of her eyes. And there I was. In case you're wondering, no I don't regret my decision at all. My marriage was an arranged one. I trusted my mom with my life as all she could think of was my future life, when she was losing hers. But my mom was a smart one.

She said to me once, "Listen Beta, I spent my whole life being the best housewife, during this journey I lost myself. You better not make the mistakes I made. Always take care of the family but take care of yourself too. You will always be a queen with an invisible crown. But you better pamper and care for yourself like one."

So, here I am. I spent two years of my marriage taking care of my 'new family'. I do all the creative work I can do. I cook Italian, Chinese cuisines, you name it and I can make it. Everybody is happy with me. But the question is am I...?? Am I happy to be the Queen from being a Princess. Princess who used to get pampered by the whole family, who never did a single home chore by herself. Now she alone does all the chores for three extra people along with her work?

My answer is, yes. A loud, reaffirming yes! I am happy to be the Queen. Here I learnt to be more polite and mature.

I still play funny and childish pranks on my husband and brother. I am still myself. I had two options after getting married. Either to live the same old life every housewife is living or make a difference. So I decided not to listen to anyone but myself. I wanted to live the life my mom asked me to. A happy life where I was also being taken care of.

So I am doing all the chores my family needs me to do. The difference is, I do it my way.

If I have to cook, I cook like a boss. I will google all the possible recipes and make it look and taste like a 5-star meal. If I have to utilize my time, I'd rather read a nice book or write something to lighten up my mood. Writing was always a hobby. I'm still following my hobby. So, You can also. And I'm not going to be fat as per the saying, "All girls put on weight after their wedding day." I did put on a few extra kilos but I learnt my lesson soon enough to start a daily walk. After all crown won't look good on a fat-me.

Life is what you make of it. If you want to live the way all lived. Trust me, there is no point living the same 'torturous married life' people talk about. Someone has already lived it. It's the time to get up and show the world that you are not some boring housewife. You can make a difference. Live a life you want to live, not the life the society wants you to live. Follow your dreams. Start putting time and effort into you hobbies.

Be creative. Make mistakes. But learn from them. Don't forget to always wear your invisible crown...!

After all, you are the crowned queen. You better make every moment of your life count. If I can do it. Trust me, all can do it. Let's live a silly, crazy, irregular Life. Where you try new things and have a good laugh when you didn't succeed at once. Let's start from the hobby you loved.

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