His Sister Didn't Do It Deliberately, But She Still Destroyed Our Relationship

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 23 August, 2018

I was in a relationship with a guy whom I knew since I was a child. As an obligation to the long time that we had known each other for, I could never leave him, even when I realized that I did not love him and honestly, I never complained. I was quite happy in my life, with school and friends.

And then he came, like a thunder in my life. Thunderstorms had attracted me, I could not help but be drawn to him. He was unlike anything I ever had in my life. He challenged me.

He brought the best out of me. He kept me on my toes. Life just spiralled from fine to exciting and my attraction was growing as every moment passed. I knew it was not one-sided. He liked the carefree mess that I was. He knew that I would let him be. So like in any other love story, I fell in love with him. We got together and had our sweet beginning, we were trying to understand each other, keeping our bad past aside. Things weren't like rainbows and unicorns always but I was happy, for darkness had an undefined allure for me and we had our shades of black and grey with the red. We had our two years of being madly in love. We laughed together, dealt with our problems together and dreamt of a happy life. He was my definition of perfect.

He was my hero and I was proud of him. I loved him with all my heart and he loved me back with the same intensity.

Things escalated downwards and when we got tired, we decided that we needed some help because our spark had still not died. We could never have enough of each other. We let his sister step in between us. We adored her. She seemed like a ray of hope. She had helped us four times in sorting out our fights in the past, until the last one. She decided to help during the last one too. She got us in a group and spoke to us but our darkness terrified her, or so she made it seem like. She left the group.

At that moment I realized that it was a mistake letting her in, letting a person, who could not handle mature problems in.

She left and I followed. They spoke about how they could never forgive me for making her nostalgic about her past that I had no idea of. I was labelled a bad person even though I did not know about it. I got a screenshot from him and I smiled. She had asked him to forget me. I saw how his sister had ruined his life, albeit not deliberately, I tried to be neutral. But he left. I lost the love of my life because of a girl who could not handle the harsh truth of her life. That was the last day I smiled. I still love him and somewhere in his heart, he realizes that he loves me too but he will never return because his sister has asked him not to. Perhaps I will heal but “getting help” did not work for me. Perhaps we will find our way back to each other. I still cling to the hope because for the both of us, life will never be the same again.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because we need to realize that the two people who are in a relationship know best what to do to fix things.