His Magic Makes Me Have Faith In Forever

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 5 October, 2017

Sometimes, a person you least expect magically wins your heart. I was a fresher in my office and he was a typical IT person. He was my senior and a workaholic. We interacted for the first time when he gave me a brief training session. Both of us wanted the session to end soon.

The next time we met in the cafeteria. He gave me this weird look and asked, “Aap drink bhi karti ho?” No, I said to myself, he was not at all my type of a man. I was a carefree girl with no emotions and attachments. He was a caring, gentle and emotional man. Soon we became good friends.

I loved making fun of him and bullying him. He always reverted with a blush and a smile.

We enjoyed our weekend shifts in the office together. It was all fun. People linked us but it never bothered us. One fine day, it was time for him to bid us farewell. For the first time, he asked me to spend some time with him all alone. It was on that day that I could read something in his eyes. I was probably trying to ignore it for the past few days.

I knew I was not ‘just a friend’ for him and that thought scared me.

After two days, he threw a farewell party. He convinced me to attend it. After a few drinks, he became very emotional and I knew he was no longer in control of his feelings. With tears in his eyes, he kissed me on my forehead and said, “I’ll miss you a lot!” He guarded me throughout the party and then we all planned a night out in a hotel. I don’t know whether it was the effect of the alcohol that we had imbibed or the situation that we were in.

But amidst the entire crowd of people, I found the solace that I had always yearned for, in his warmth.

The next morning, I knew he would regret it all. So, I just kept it short and gave him a goodbye hug. To be honest, even I knew it was nothing serious. It was just a flow of emotions which we would get over in no time.

But much to my surprise and contrary to my expectations, it was not over for him. His messages never stopped. They started increasing.

We began with a ‘Good Morning’ and often ended up chatting throughout the day. Then his dream came true. He got an offer from Singapore. I was happy for him and also knew that we could finally move on now. But again, he proved me wrong. We went on a date for the first time and I realized that he was not just any other boyfriend. He was a lover. He shared his entire past with me. I somehow felt guilty because I was not being true about my feelings with him. I wished to be with him forever when I looked into his true and innocent eyes.

He knew I was never very serious about him. But that never stopped him from loving me. I had always believed that relationships are temporary. They were sweet in the beginning and turned bitter over time. But he made me believe in ‘forever.’

Today, we are in a long distance relationship. I wake up with a smile and see his ‘Good Morning’ texts every day. We steal a moment for each other amidst our office work every day. I reach home from office at 11.30 p.m. He waits up for me and sleeps at 2 a.m. (Singapore time). My heart skips a beat whenever his video call flashes on my phone. I get butterflies in my stomach when he plans our next date.

We fall in love with each other in a new way every day.
Author's Note:

I learnt this from him: If you love someone then you should treat him/her in the same way as you did on the first day. This way love can be never ending.

I miss you Himanshu.

Editor's Note:

Love is not elusive. We need to create this ‘magic’ for ourselves in our lives. This young couple definitely deserves all the love that they are showering on each other. Share this story because we all need to learn this invaluable trait.