His Ex Forgave Me Graciously When He Dumped Me And Married Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 1 May, 2018

Well, it all started with my new job where I met this guy. He was friendly and we gradually started talking as we had similarities.

Slowly, our chats turned into late night talks and we opened up to each other.

He told me about his ex-girlfriend and how they broke up. After the breakup, he was kind of ruining his life and lost all hopes when I came to his rescue (wish I had stopped there itself).

I lifted him up and he was finally getting into a normal and happier life.

All this increased our closeness and one fine day, we confessed. My fairy tale seemed complete with my prince charming until after five months, his attitude towards me changed all of a sudden. I tried talking to him but all in vain.

Our talks shortened and the things that he once liked about me irritated him now.

Then on a random day, his ex texted me on social media network and pretended that it was just a random talk, though indirectly she was trying to ask me about him. I told him about it and he asked me to avoid. But she texted me continuously and even used to call me sometimes.

We were out on a vacation when she called and we sort of confronted each other. She was asking me to go away because she wanted him back.

I said if that’s what he wants, I would leave but he denied.

Things were worsening between us yet I tried to hold on thinking he was messed up. It was his birthday and I planned an entire day of surprises for him followed by a dinner date. We were getting ready when she called and started blaming me for everything.

To be honest, she abused me for coming between them.

My evening was ruined and I cried the whole night. After a month of this, the guy told me that he didn’t love me anymore and that he was calling our relationship off. I was in a shock and asked him (begged him, to be precise) to at least tell me why he just left.

Later I got to know that he got married to her.

After all this, he still expects me to forgive him and behave normally again so that he could be relieved from the guilt of ruining my life.  And the girl still asks me to stay away from him where I don't even look at him anymore.

There’s this thought which still hovers in my mind – Was I wrong in trusting him or I actually came in between them?
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