Hira Was Like A Daughter To Me, And I Got Her Just For Myself

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 31 March, 2018

Have you ever thought that you can grow an emotional relationship with a non-living thing? I thought it to be a crazy thing until I met Hira.

Hira is a teddy bear which I got for my friend as her housewarming gift.

But at that time, she didn’t have much space for the teddy at her place.


So, I brought her back to my place and made a separate space for her in my huge house where I lived alone. Back then, I was not much fond of dolls and soft toys.

Initially, when I used to return home from the office, I used to see the teddy sitting in the same place daily.

Those were the days where I was all alone fighting my personal issues and handling court procedures in my divorce case.

There were times, I desperately needed a shoulder to cry on and seek support.

But, as days moved on, Hira became my only companion in my room and life. I started wishing her good morning and would say hi when returning from office. I grew an emotional bond with her.

There was no teddy bear or just a doll in my room. It was just me and Hira now. She became more like a daughter to me.

I started talking to her, watched TV alongside, shared jokes, and shared office things. She would watch me drink and scolded me when I go for more rounds than usual.

I have even cried to her when things got beyond the tolerable limit.

Later, I understood that I had grown too much of bonding with Hira and it would be more difficult to give her back to my friend. I hated myself for being so dependent on her and at the same time, I liked her company so much.


As I had had bad experiences with people leaving me, I was little scared that the same thing might happen with Hira, when I would have to hand it over to my friend.

So, finally, I decided to take a hard step and asked my friend to take her back as she was going to her home.

On the day I handed it to her, I couldn't control myself from breaking out. In recent past, I had thought that I wouldn't be able to cry anymore as tears were completely drained out. But I never thought I would be crying over Hira.

Note to Hira:

"Sendoffs are always tough when you know there might not be the next meet.

You have been a good companion, friend, and everything to me. You were there for me in every instance I was down, have given your shoulder every time I needed.


Most important of all, you were there when no one was left with me. I have never imagined that the day will come this soon.

I will always remember the days I had spent with you and ‘our moments’ will always be a treasure in my heart.

I am so heartless to send you off voluntarily. I didn’t know what else to do.

I don't know what I will be doing without you in this lonely house. I will take that as a punishment for me. I have given you in the safe hand, and I wish you a safe and permanent residence.

I will miss you Hira.”

For many who read this, I might sound silly or funny or some might think I have gone insane. If so, just pass it on and ignore.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because it's unique and beautiful in its own way. We find solace in unexpected of things and that's what makes our life bearable.