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Here's The Thing- You Can't Cherish The People You Love After They're Dead

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It was 9 pm. We were talking about what it was going to be like when our relative would come visit us the following weekend.

At 9.15pm, the landline rang. Dad picked up the phone. It was a rather silent conversation; save for a few, “Hmm’s”, he didn’t do much. When he hung up, quietly he told us that our relative wouldn’t be visiting us anymore.

Why? We asked. Because instead of visiting us, he passed away. Forever. He’s gone. He’s never returning. After a long and silent pause, it hit me- We never got a chance to say good-bye. Yes, when the time is up for our loved ones, we are never notified beforehand. It is for most of the times, a journey without a farewell.

How does that feel?

Suddenly I began thinking about how my loved one’s eyes sparkled with joy when he heard their favourite songs. Or how effervescent he was when he used to do the things he loved. The way he enjoyed his morning tea… I thought of how my heart smiled when I used to fight with him and yet, he would buy me my favourite ice cream to make up for it.

I thought of the anguish in his eyes, when he saw something wrong and was helpless about it. I couldn’t get his soft voice out of my head, out of my heart… the sight of how he used to dance like a child in the rains. The way just a kiss from him was all I needed to make everything go away.

All these tiny things about him; about all our loved ones who have met an untimely death. All the warmth and comfort. It just goes away…

Poof. Like a popped bubble.

This flight of death. It comes with no schedule. It does not take off how we want it to. Neither does it wave a red flag before landing. It just comes every day, unexpectedly and whoosh… our loved ones around the world become non-existent in just a matter of seconds.

From everything to nothing.

From breath to ash.

From here to… where?

I urge you… I urge you, all of you who are reading my words, to take out some time and appreciate their loved ones who are still alive. Thank them, compliment them, pamper them… Whatever they find happiness in, exhibit any small act of love but never take them for granted.

I urge you. Never talk them for granted.

No, they’re not going to be around forever. Shower your loved ones with extra love today, because when they are gone, their departure will be the heaviest.

Remember the small things today, not after you’re left with nothing.

Cherish your special one.

Cherish each other and enjoy being alive, being together… there’s no better moment than today.

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