He Wins My Heart When He Does All Those Little Things For His Loved Ones

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*For representational purpose only.

The day I let you enter my world, I became addicted to you. I got to know about my addiction only when I went away from you. I have never missed anyone else like this.

When I first saw you, you seemed like just one of those other guys whom I never liked. I clearly put you in the ‘good for nothing’ category of people. I still remember the first time I saw you. You were waiting for your office bus. You had a big mustache and a beard too. You wore a checked shirt.

Frankly, I was not impressed by your personality at that time. You seemed like an arrogant, rude, self-centred and weird kind of a person who thought everyone else (especially me) was a fool.

But suddenly both of us embarked on the journey of knowing each other. I was amazed when I saw your love for food. I realized that you were really a big time foodie. I too enjoyed good food, so maybe that is how I first started liking you.

Did you know that you have a very innocent look on your face when you eat something tasty? That expression of yours is worth watching.

Still, deep down, I continued to think of you as an immature idiot who was a psycho kind of a person. But you turned out to be an immature guy who was also an ideal son. I knew your parents lived miles away from you. Yet you always thought of them first. I was touched when I saw the nobility of your intentions.

You wanted to provide your parents with all kinds of luxuries before you even thought of yourself. You were like a father to your younger brother.

We live in an era where brothers kill each other for materialistic things. And here, you were doing everything for your little brother. You did all the household chores so that he could focus on his professional life. You stood up for your brother at all times and even went against your family if it was necessary. You did not allow financial issues to hinder his progress.

You did not want him to go through the problems that you had faced in your life.

And then you will behave like a crazy person the very next day. You will look at your mom's photograph after having a drink too many and try to match her features with yours like a small kid. I know you still yearn to take some time out to go back to your house. I know that all you want to do at such times is to hug your mother tightly, kiss her cheeks and sleep on her lap. I know that you will insist that she feed you with her own hands.

You are the kind of a guy who will scold your mom for fasting. And then you will cook for her yourself.

We live in an era, where sons just want every single penny that their fathers have. But here, you were willing to give up everything to turn your parents’ dream into a reality. You just look like a psycho from outside. I know you just pretend to be a chill and happy person who can be friends with anyone. But I also know that deep down you really miss all your old buddies who live far away from you.

I know you want them to be a part of your life again so that you can at least relive those magical days again – even if it is only for a brief while now.

You are the idiot who will eat rice with his hands but is fond of wearing branded shirts. You are a person who can enhance the taste of ‘daal’ by adding some lemon and chaat masala to it and you will do all this even when you are completely drunk. And you are the very same idiot who is also a health freak and a gym addict.

You want to drink green tea, eat oats, boiled eggs, and chicken on one day. But the very next day, you will have a cup of hot masala tea with aloo parathas that are dripping with butter.

But the psycho that you are - you will want to keep your body as fit as a fiddle. You like being a well-groomed person and get your hair and beard trimmed every now and then.

But I know that if your partner suffers from a disease like cancer, you will not hesitate to go bald like her for her.

You want to be pampered all the time. You want someone to caress your hair. You want someone to hug you tightly and touch you gently on your cheeks. You love it when someone holds your hands for a long time.

And I love you for this.

You may never have made it on time for any outing. You are late – everywhere – every time. I have warned you about this several times. But I also know that you will always be the last one to leave. You will make sure that I am fine even when you are fully drunk. You will make me drink like hell but you will also keep giving me water at regular intervals to keep me hydrated. You will also ensure that I don’t puke.

You want me to cook everything for you. But as soon as I enter the kitchen, you will start chopping the vegetables. You will then knead the atta too and then you will move on to frying the bhajiya. You will then quietly start cleaning all the utensils and do all the other chores around the house.

Only a weirdo like you can make me happy in the weirdest way possible. You are the only person who can take me on the most amazing adventure rides of my life – anytime – anywhere.

Only a crazy person like you will quietly come and put a glass of juice on my table when I am busy working in the office. Only a person like you will take me to task if I work odd hours in the office. Only a macho man like you will blush and feel embarrassed if I stare at you with love for a long while. You may dance like a mad guy to the tune of all your favourite Punjabi songs but you will also lose yourself in meaningful songs for hours. 

Only a person like you can understand the meaning of each word in all the songs and poems written by Gulzar.
You may get angry over the most trivial of things but you will go out of the way to please me and flatter me when I get angry with you.

You are the kind of a person who will give me an extra bite from his share of food to ensure that I am full. You may check out every girl that catches your eye but will get attracted only to the craziness of her nature.

I know you dream of having a daughter. I know you will create time to play with her and nurture her in the best way possible.

You are an ideal son, a very caring brother, the best of friends and the cutest human being I have ever met. I know for sure that you will also be an extraordinary father.

I know there is a lot more than this that I still don’t know about you. I realize that I have been with you only for two years and I know only so much about you now. But his has been enough to get me addicted to a ‘Rakshas’ like you. I have a lot more to say about you and I hope that someday soon I will be able to write all that down too.  I miss you very much dear ‘Bandar’. I wish to see you again someday. I hope you have the same mysterious smile on your face when I meet you next.

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