He Was 8 Years Older Than Me, But He Proved That Age Is Just A Number For True Love

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 31 March, 2018

I work at a reputed media firm as a content creator. It is my job to meet new people, discover, and write.

One fine morning, I decided to do an article on the best DJ's from the city and I mentioned him. Let’s just call him P and he is a very famous DJ.

While I interviewed everyone else on call, I skipped him because it was all available on the internet.

Next day, I woke up to a notification where he mentioned me in his Instagram story and thanked me for considering him. That's when we started talking and the small awkward conversations soon turned into late night calls.

He was visiting his parents at that time and we decided to meet. We met and it clicked. Our conversations started getting longer and longer. We were simply glued to our phones and all of it was so natural. We met a couple of times after that and he confessed what he felt for me.

I told him I felt the same way for him and then he dropped the bomb.

He told me about this girl his parents found for him and they were supposed to get engaged by end of the month. But he was ready to leave her if I said yes. I asked him for a week's time and I knew I had really fallen for him.

For the whole week, we were on calls planning things together and by end of the week, he already said yes to that girl. It broke my heart but somewhere I was prepared for this.

And did I mention earlier that he was 8 years older than me? After that, we met and decided to stay friends. He went back to Mumbai and our conversations became limited.

One night, he drunk dialled me and told me he couldn't get over me.  Hence, he called off the engagement. This time I was little worried and apprehensive but he still made me believe that he loved me.

He surprised me by flying down from Mumbai and called me on Skype by standing right outside my house. I was astonished and on cloud nine at the same time.

My past relationship was a bad experience but P made me believe in love all over again. He never tried to force himself on me and never had any bad intentions.

We sat in cute cafes, went out for dinner, held hands, and chatted for hours. I am a camera shy person, but even then he would click my pictures and record video here and there. He made me feel like I was living in my dreamland.

But the age difference was really bothering us. I belonged to a well-known family where everyone was highly qualified and P was dropped out of school.

So one night, after dating for roughly two weeks he asked me to talk to my mom about us. We thought it would be nice to get some clarity on what our parents think about it.

As expected, she didn’t agree with our age difference. I tried to convince her but she made some valid point. So, ultimately we decided to end things and he is soon going to get engaged to the same girl his parents found for him the first time.

I wanted to ask him to stop and give us some time. But that would have been selfish on my part. He was ageing and had to get married sometime soon.

I still feel pain when his name pops up anywhere on my phone or Facebook, but I am happy for him. He taught me so many things in life and most important of all, how to be practical in life.

Sometimes you have to keep your emotions aside. We are friends now and we do talk sometimes. Honestly, I would have traded everything just to with him but this is the reality now.

I believe, in a parallel universe, we are together and intertwined with each other.

I know it hurts him equally but we have accepted our fate now.

Editor's Note:

When you really love someone age, distance, height, and weight are just numbers. Share this story if you agree to the same and slightly wished that they should have ended up together. Because I did.