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He Wanted To Get Back With Me Only If I Went Through A Makeover

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A love story of 4 years ended with my tears! Words won't be enough to describe my feelings on the 11th of December, 2013, when I met him, a  tall handsome hunk with full of charm, for the first time. But the "typical Indian girl" that I am, I never knew how to start a conversation with that guy, in fact, any guy.

Luckily we had a mutual friend, which made it easy for me to strike a conversation. Slowly, our phone calls turned into personal meets. And within 15 days, we began a relationship together. Sounds so perfect right?

But we had our first conflict on the 14th of February next year when all the couples were celebrating Valentine's day and I was standing alone in the rain waiting for him to come. But he didn’t.

Instead, I received a message that evening saying that "it’s over". And the reason he gave was that I look like a "behenji".

I was shattered and resolved completely changed myself just to show him that I could be anything if I wanted. So I did, just within a month. He was back again after my transformation and I accepted him.

No matter how modern I used to dress, my loyalty, trust, compatibility, respect, and love for him never changed. A few months later, he left me again for a month and came back. Even then, I accepted him. Things went well for 6 months after which he got back to his routine of leaving me alone.

Three and a half years went by just like that. But trust me, my love for him was still the same. People would taunt me, argue with me and shamed me that I loved a person who never knew my importance. But my love for him never came down.

But the limits were crossed on our anniversary when I was all happy about meeting him after a long time. But destiny didn't want that smile on my face. I caught him kissing a girl, and that was something that I couldn't handle. I fainted, looking at him with another girl but still, he wasn’t there for me.

I know you would call me crazy. But still, I accepted him when he came back to me. Yet, after another three months, he left me forever to marry another girl. It broke me. But I know life goes on. And memories live forever.

Karma never leaves anyone, and he will face the music someday!

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