He Said That He Liked Me And I Was Foolish To Believe Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 11 December, 2017

It all happened 6 months ago when I started working. I met a boy. He was nice; at least that is what he seemed to be initially. He was different from other guys.

Average looking; not the kind of guy any girl would easily get attracted to.

Initially, we weren’t friends. But I always observed how people dominated him and made fun of him because of some weird habits. I found those habits cute. When people made fun of him, he never responded. He would simply smile and crack a joke.

Probably all those jokes that people made at him made me sympathize with him.

Gradually, we became friends. In fact, he was my first friend in that office. But he soon started flirting with me. And I couldn’t understand it initially.

However, it became obvious when my other colleagues started teasing him with my name. When I questioned him about it, he confessed that he had feelings for me.

At that time, I ignored him. He kept asking me to go on dates with him but I refused every time.

I am not the kind of person who would go on dates with someone I have just met.

He would even compliment me every day by saying how beautiful he thought I was. Sometimes, he would wait till I was done with work so that he could walk with me to the metro.

Unfortunately, things hit a rough patch for him and he had to resign. I felt extremely bad for him when he told me that he was leaving the office. This made me feel affectionate towards him.

His resignation happened all of a sudden, so I couldn’t get a chance to speak to him properly.

In the canteen, he was surrounded by all our other colleagues. Both of us wanted to talk to each other but we didn’t get the opportunity.


The lunch break got over and I had to rush back to my work. I simply wished him good luck and left. As I reached the door, I quickly turned to take a last glance at him.

He was staring at me with a different look. That look made me feel something for him.

But I chose to ignore it, as he was already gone. When I came home, he called me and angrily asked me why hadn’t I spent more time with him on his last day. This made me feel wanted.

I felt that he was falling for me and I had started liking him too.

We kept in touch even after he left the office. Sometimes, he would get jealous when I spoke to my other colleagues. He showed me that I meant something to him, although I wasn’t his whole world.

However, things change. People change. And sometimes it’s just our perspective that changes.

Both of us never had any deep conversations. We would meet sometimes. He would call me once and I would go rushing to meet him. I thought he still liked me as he earlier did.

His feelings seemed to have vanished the day he left the office. And mine? They had just started.

I was gradually becoming aware of my feelings. Sometimes, he flirted with me and that made me think he was genuinely interested in me. He even called me regularly.

I didn’t realize when I started feeling so deeply for him. Waiting for him had now become a habit. Things continued like this for a while.

Then, I had to shift to another city. He asked me to meet him before going and I agreed. Even I wanted to meet him. We met and spoke for a long time. I finally stood up to say goodbye and we took some pictures together.

He asked, “As you are leaving today, can we kiss?”

I was reluctant initially but I agreed. We had never even held each other’s hand until that day. I held his hand, we kissed and that was it. We went home.

He called me 5 times that night and I thought he was genuinely interested in me. But it was just an illusion!

I shifted to a new city and contacted him. We chatted normally for few days until I finally decided to tell him that I too liked him.

Despite the possibility of rejection, I gathered the courage to express my feelings and sent him a message.

He read my message instantly but replied after 12 hours. I was heartbroken to see his reply. It said, “Oh, it’s okay.” I never replied back.

I understood that he was not interested anymore. Or maybe, he never was.

I was foolish to trust him and think that he liked me. And even if he did like me, it had all vanished by the time I confessed how I felt.

I don’t have any complaints about him. Neither do I have any questions. It was my fault to put my faith in him.

But he did seem genuinely interested in me. Probably this illusion drove me towards him.

I decided that I would never contact him again. He still texts me but I hardly reply.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because we all know that it hurts when your feelings are not reciprocated. If you like someone, tell them how you feel before it gets too late.