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He Said He Was Her Rakhi Brother But He Ultimately Triggered Our Break-Up

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I was too young and I come from a small town with a conservative background, so it was difficult for me to understand love, feelings and emotions. We were in different schools but lived in the same colony. I used to ride my bicycle from school late just to see her passing by in the auto rickshaw. I played hide and seek with her and our colony friends. She would always hide with me, we spoke about small childhood stuff like filling slam books, chocolate preferences etc.

I was pleasantly surprised when during our higher studies, she joined my tuition classes which were conducted by my sister at my home. She would daily come at 5:00 pm even though the class time was 6:00 pm. We would talk daily for hours, and until this time, we were just friends. Yes, we were only friends.

I didn't have the courage to say much to her or propose to her, even when there were lots of hints given by her.

But one day I was out and she came to my home as usual came at 5:00 pm. Exams were on our heads and as I was not at home, she opened my cupboard, maybe for some books. But there she saw my personal diary and read it. All the chocolates she gave me over the span of 3 years and gift wrappers, I took care of them for 3 years. She saw it all and called me, she said at least now I should tell her the truth but I had no courage yet.

Finally, a few days later, I messaged her saying I love you and turned off my phone at that very second. Next day, she came at 4:00 pm to ask me about the message I sent her the night before. But I didn’t look up at her. I didn’t even confess my feelings in our relationship and 6 months passed like that. I could only type it out on text, but not say it on call also. For six months, we were good together. No one knew about us but something disastrous happened and we separated. I tried to contact her at times but was warned by her rakhi brother not to contact her.

Finally. after shifting and moving on, 3 years later I tried to talk to her for a reunion.

I casually asked her why didn't she even once wish me on my birthday which was after 15 days of our break up nor did she reach out when I met with such a big accident. She answered me that she waited for a year for me but I didn’t contact her. All the credit goes to rakhi brother for not letting us contact each other and later proposing her. I am happy that she denied him (thank god).

Now she is getting engaged to someone else.

I moved on in my life with someone else. In fact, I wish a good life for her as even I have met a person who has made my life the best. Everything happens for good cause. I have found the love of my life and I hope she is also happy with her fiancé.

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