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He Promised To Stay Forever But Left Me For A Silly Mistake

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I am a simple girl, an introvert who doesn’t easily mingle with everyone.

I take time to get comfortable with people but once I do, they discover the crazy me.

The person I’m going to talk about is my cousin and my best buddy. He is senior to me by 2 years.

We started talking a few years ago on Facebook and WhatsApp. Initially, we spoke about general things but soon, we started texting every day and developed a fondness for each other. We became best friends.

I felt that I had found my best friend for life.

He was a mentor to me and I was willing to do anything for him. I cared for him more than anybody else and I still do.

We supported each other and he made promises that he'd stay with me forever, no matter what happened.

He called me his best friend. I did everything for him but ended up losing him because of my own fault.

One day, he came to my house to say goodbye as he was leaving for Delhi to pursue further studies. While talking, he mentioned something, which I’d shared only with him, in front of my mother. When I heard it, I was about to hit his head but he moved in the other direction and I ended up hitting his ear.

He thought that I’d slapped him but I’d honestly not meant to do it.

Immediately, I apologized to him and he said that it was ok. When he left, I apologized again with teary eyes and again he said that it was fine.

Later, I went to his house to apologize but he ignored me. After returning home, I cried a lot and texted him several times but he didn't reply. I called him more than 100 times; initially, he didn't answer and then he blocked my number.

It hurt me a lot but I ignored my feelings and texted him repeatedly.

However, he didn't reply and I broke down. I literally begged him for forgiveness. I still text him every day and hope that he forgives me.

Can you imagine how it feels when your best friend avoids you to this extent?

I was and am still accustomed to our silly jokes, sleeping only after talking to him and all those memories

He always knew that I was a sensitive and emotional person, yet he decided to leave me.

He left me for the silliest reason and I suffered a lot due to it. I am still suffering. I just want to tell him this:

"Dear buddhu, you are the only person who can understand all my emotions and feelings, which I can't share with anyone else. When the entire world was destroying me, only you stood by my side. You wiped my tears and healed my wounds.

You are the reason that I found confidence and motivation again. You saved me from myself and rescued me from negativity.

Please forgive me. Your absence hurts like hell. I really miss you a lot and love you more than anybody else. Please come back.

I love you enough to fight for you, compromise for you and to stand by you through the worst times.

I miss you incredibly when we're apart irrespective of the duration and regardless of the long distance.”

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