He Managed To Break My Heart Twice But He Couldn’t Erase The Love That I Had For Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 26 May, 2018

I had joined coaching classes to prepare for my PMT exams when I met a guy. He had attractive eyes and was well built. He approached me and proposed to me too.

But I was completely focussed on my academics at that time so I just ignored him.

He called me up after our exams got over and said that he was going to do his MBBS at Bangalore.  I told him that I would be doing my MBBS in Maharashtra.


Both of us belonged to Uttar Pradesh and were living away from home in a totally new environment for the first time. Later on, we came to know that our fathers too were batch mates and had done their MBBS together.

They were on good terms even today. I casually inquired about his family background from my dad and came to know that he belonged to a very well known family. I had already lost my heart to him. We had got into the habit of talking on the phone almost all the time after we finished our classes.

He proposed to me in October and asked me to meet him in Pune which was quite close to the town in which I lived. That was the first time we met as a couple. I belong to a small city. I had never touched a guy’s hand till then.

But he held my hand in Pune and even hugged me when he saw me.  I was totally lost when all this happened to me. Whenever he walked with me I felt as if I had finally got someone to walk with for the rest of my life.

Later on, a few of our common friends told me that he had been madly in love with me even while we were attending the coaching classes. He had always kept track of all the things that I was doing in my life. We then planned to meet each other in the PULSE programme which was held at AIIMS. Both of us lied to our batch mates and stayed in a hotel room for 7-8 days.

That was the first time we kissed. We then made out with each other too. We felt really comfortable with each other now and started living together like a husband and wife.

After that, we started meeting each other frequently in each other's city. Things were going on really well in our relationship but over a period of time, he started becoming obsessive and possessive about me. We started fighting regularly now. Earlier we used to fight for trivial reasons but now we were fighting over major issues. But our fights were never ugly.

I was so deeply in love with him that I would keep crying for hours after each fight. I had become emotionally fragile. My studies too started getting affected.

I had already told my parents about him and they had agreed to get us married. I asked my sister to take admission in his city so that it would be easier for us to meet there. One day my sister called me and told me that he was in a live-in relationship with a girl who studied in his college.

The world seemed to be spinning around me. I just couldn’t digest the fact I meant nothing to him. I had considered him to be my life.

I asked him about her and without hesitating for even a second he said, “Yes. That’s true.” I was really shocked by his reply. I was doing my final year of MBBS at that time.

I left my papers and rushed to meet him because he meant the world to me. I did not want to live my life without him.

I went home and my parents supported me all through this phase. They booked my tickets and asked me to visit him and talk to him. But he said the same thing to me when I met him in person too.

I could see him standing in front of me but this was the first time I got the feeling that he was no longer mine.

Things just ended there. I was depressed and wrote my exams after 6 months. I then came to Delhi to prepare for my post-graduation entrance exams. It had been two years since we had ended our relationship.

But I still remembered him and cried for him every day.

One day one of our common friends called me up and said that he wanted us to be together again. He said that I should visit my ex because he too had shifted to Delhi.

I did not wait at all. I just went to see him. I couldn’t believe that I was really going to see him after two long years. I was on top of the world. When we saw each other for the first time we couldn’t stop our tears.

We wept for several hours. He then asked me if he could kiss me. I said that I had always belonged to him. We hardly talked after that. We made love like never before. I was in a dilemma now. He had returned back to me so I asked him when we could move in together. He quietly told me that he was still in a relationship with that girl. That girl too had moved to Delhi and lived in her parents’ house currently.

I was heartbroken. The same person had broken my heart twice and I could not bear the pain anymore. I told him that my parents were pressurizing me to marry someone else. He just said, “Go ahead!”

That is when I decided to give up my dreams because I knew they would never come true in this life. I just told him that I wanted only one thing in my next birth. I told him that I did not want anyone to come between us.

He approached me twice, made me fall in love with him and then went away again. He met me, fuelled my dreams and desires and then left me to pick up the broken pieces of my life.

Both of us are married to different people now. But honestly speaking I still cry for him every day and miss him with each heartbeat of mine. He was my everything but he took away everything from me too. I will always wish him good health and luck!

Editor's Note:

A hundred different intensely painful emotions churn in our hearts when our loved ones spurn us. But eventually, the beauty of our love will shine through our tears too. Love gives us the courage to move on with our lives. We learn to let go of the person and hold on to the precious memories of the times that we shared together. Let's share this young woman's story because she has the ability to preserve the essence of love in her heart.