He Loved Me And Proposed To Me When I Was Hospitalized

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 12 December, 2017

My story began in last August when he, who I called Devil, and I exchanged numbers.

I knew him before as we used to share the company cab as we worked in the same company, but never spoke more than mere greetings.

Once we got the numbers, we started chatting day and night. It seemed that he was just like me. Our parents were looking for suitable matches and both of us were not ready yet. So, we always used to share our thoughts on losing freedom, and how we don't want to settle yet.


I was on phone with him all the time, sharing thoughts. We were the best friends telling each other every single detail of our lives. We created a bucket list and made a pact to fulfil the wishes together. So every weekend, we used to tick off one wish from that bucket list. The wishes were really simple like riding a bullet or getting drunk.

I was really stay-at-home kinda girl, so I was really excited to try these things with my best friend. With time, I grew attached to him. We would make sure we would spend time with each other on weekends; we even bunked office for that.

Then came the day when everything changed in September, we met with an accident. Nothing had happened to him, but my ankle bones were broken and they had to put a rod in my leg. It took me 7 months to walk on my feet again.

Just after my operation in September, he proposed to me and I was on cloud nine. Suddenly I couldn't feel pain anymore, I said YES. I felt lucky to have him in his life.

Everything was going so fast. He said that we would get engaged in February once I start walking. He told me his mom also agreed to the marriage, and that she wants to meet my family. But we decided that we would let our families meet in February.

It was a fairytale romance for me - a guy who loves me, adores me and proposed to me after the accident, and being in love with your best friend - what else could a girl want?

We were deeply in love for 5 months. Then came February and everything was about to change. I met him in February when I started walking, but he didn't speak of marriage. I was waiting the whole month for him to speak about it. Then he said, “You don't have a job right now, I thought maybe we will talk about future after getting a job.”

However, his behaviour towards me changed after that; his calls disappeared and we only used to chat on weekend. He never answered my calls and was all moody.

I still had hope in my love because I loved him truly. But then, over silly fight one day, he said, “I can't deal with you anymore, we will be friends.”

I was shattered, I begged him to call me, but he never contacted me, nor responded to my messages. After that, he asked me to meet him n said that we would relieve our old days. I was happy, but deep down I knew he doesn't love me anymore. My friends had already warned me about him.

Finally, a day came when everything changed and I was shattered into millions of broken pieces. I got to know that he told me millions of lies and that he never loved me, his mom never knew about us, he never spoke to his mom about our marriage, and that he was already dating someone else.

I got to know that he had a very darker side which he never reveals to anyone. He was so good at playing mind games that he could make a fool out of anyone. And this was all true. I knew this was all true.

I decided to confront him, I messaged him that I know about his lies and his other face. He didn't bother to reply me and simply blocked me. I guess I got my answers finally.

Who gives people like him the right to play with innocent people's heart? Why did he have to play a love game with me? I was already going through a lot of physical pain after the accident. And he never even bothered to give me my answers.

It hardly matters, however, as the truth always has its own way to come out.

I know it will take time, but I will be fine eventually. I guess God was just making me strong.

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