He Is Not Just The Man Of My Dreams; He Is The One Who Has Helped Me Keep My Dreams Alive

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 3 September, 2018

My life seemed to be perfect. I had a great boyfriend who showed me dreams of a happy future together. However, life can never be completely perfect.

It can be relatively good or sometimes bad but never perfect.

I’m a simple person who has always believed in the concept of 'forever' and 'true love'. Simply wandering around hand in hand with someone isn’t my idea of a relationship. For me, a 'happy couple' is one who stays together, understands each other and makes memories together.

A real relationship is so much more than romantic dates, candle light dinners, and expensive gifts.

But my boyfriend believed otherwise. Over time, he started having issues with my nature, which he was once attracted to. He was particularly unhappy when I refused to meet his sexual needs. He raised questions about my maturity and called me naive.

He started picking random fights. He refused to let me go out with my friends or use any social networking sites. He didn't even allow me to go for my dance auditions though he knew that I was passionate about dance. So I quit social media, my friends and dance too.

When I gave up everything to make him happy, he decided to call off the relationship.

I was devastated. It was hard to believe that my so-called better half had ended our relationship because of such small issues. I couldn't bear the pain and started taking sleeping pills. It felt better to fall asleep than stay awake and cry all day.

I was someone who could easily adapt to any situation yet forgetting him wasn't easy.

Especially since he was an integral part of each day of my life. I spent almost three months trying to get over him. Finally, I decided that enough was enough. I had to keep myself busy to get rid of his memories.

So I joined a social work group. They gave me a few activities but I couldn't understand how to get them done. That’s when I met Kumar (Name changed) who was also part of the same group. Soon, we became good friends.

In the meanwhile, my ex-boyfriend wanted me back in his life though he was already in a relationship with someone else.

However, I was determined to look ahead because I knew that I had become stronger after he left me.

Somehow, he found out that Kumar and I were getting close. This made him insecure. It had been 10 months since we broke up yet he kept fighting with me over calls and messages when Kumar's name came up in any conversation.

As the days passed, I began enjoying Kumar's company immensely; more than I ever did with my ex-boyfriend.

He was a simple person who followed his dreams and never bothered about what others thought of him.

His first priority was his parents rather than his friends or social life. I developed a deep sense of respect and admiration for him because I understood the amount of courage it takes to ignore judgmental people and follow your heart.

Our friendship was growing stronger when one day, my ex-boyfriend insisted that I meet him.

By then, I had the strength I needed to forgive him for the past.

So we met and he started interrogating me about my feelings for Kumar. I didn’t have to think twice before saying, "Yes, I have feelings for him". Nobody could have predicted what happened next.

He hit me on my forehead with his car keys! I started bleeding profusely.

Somehow, I managed to return home and call Kumar who rushed to my aid. Nine months have passed since that horrific incident. I still carry the scar under my right eyebrow.

Though the memory haunts me, I'm finally living the life that I wanted.

And the reason for it is Kumar who supported me throughout everything. His smallest gesture means the world to me. His smile, that genuine smile, keeps me going.


He has taught me to be brave, to never give up and to fight for what I believe is mine. Be it my mental and medical condition or my academic struggle, he has always stood by my side.

He is not just the man of my dreams; he is the one who has helped me keep my dreams alive.

I’m lucky that he chose my broken heart to build his home.

Editor's Note:

True love is one that makes you stronger, not pulls you down. It helps you rise when you're down in the dumps and supports you when you doubt yourself. Share this story if you agree that such love is rare but when you find it, it makes all your dreams come true.