He Is My Best Friend And There Is No One I Could Crave For More

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 13 December, 2017

Ever craved for your best friend to be with you forever?

Yes, this is my story! And yes, it is possible that a girl and a guy can be the best of friends, but what if their journey started off with just fooling around, but eventually ended up turning into a beautiful friendship.

But sometimes, it's complicated and you can't just get your attraction to rest in peace.


He was is and always will be attractive to me. But on the other hand, I have a man who changes his role in life, the way I want it to be. Sometimes as my guide, sometimes my love, my best friend, and my mood changer.

I was in love with this man since the time things changed between us. We dated different people in our individual lives, but always felt a tinge of jealousy when one of us dated another. Neither did we like our partners. We used to talk about our partners to each other. He used to call me his stress buster.

But everything changed when the last person I dated broke me completely. My best friend was there with me throughout.

One night we planned a sleepover and had a few drinks. As I was devastated, he broke up with his girlfriend too and missed her badly. These emotions led to certain things. I didn't regret it as we were both individuals having fun, with no strings attached. But after some months of fooling around, I started to develop feelings for him. On the contrary, he was still into his ex.

His babbling things about her started irritating me. So I confessed my feelings to him.

Since then, he started pushing me away! It's been a while I can't move on. He kept things casual between us. But sometimes when he’s drunk, he used to confess that he misses me.

I love him. Not just now, but from the time since we met. However, I never realised it. Now I have all the answers. Answers to why I feel so happy when he is around. Why having butterflies and goosebumps were a myth until he touched my soul. Why losing sleep after someone became a reality. Why I’d get hurt with the smallest change in his mood.

He would never love me as he thinks dating someone seven years younger would be wrong. And I can't force him to do so. But until I have him in my life, I have to create memories and give him all my love irrespective of what I will get back.

Because love is selfless and all about giving right?


I will do it until we go different paths and he gets involved in his life completely. And he will always be in my prayers as the only thing I wanted is him to be happy.

Call me an idiot. But love makes you do crazy stuff. And there is nothing wrong about it. I am happy because his love had ever made me lose my identity or my self-respect. He still adores me, respects me, cares for me, and makes me realise how beautiful I am.

And that's enough, for I fell in love with him only for these reasons. Not for the attraction I had.
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