He Didn't Stop Me When I Left Him For Another Man, And Now It's Too Late

Debolina Biswas Debolina Biswas in Your Story on 12 April, 2017

So then one day, I texted him, “I like someone else may be” and then things went wrong.

We were together since a year only and things seemed as if it had been a long time since we'd been together. May be just because of his ignorance, I was attracted towards someone else at my workplace and then in a blink of an eye, I left him for that other man.

It’s said that when you are truly in love with a person, you cannot forget them no matter how much they may have hurt you. He had the worst past that didn’t allow him to trust me completely and because of that I never saw that love in his eyes. I tried to keep up with him, knowing the fact that 4 years down the lane he won’t even look back at me. And I, like a long lost person, would still wait for him on the same path where I'd crossed him.

I decided to move on with the new man, he was gentle and caring and what else does a woman want? Some kind of pamper and love all around. Everything was going good. That chapter somehow was hidden deep inside my heart.

Then, he called me one day.

He: “Hello”

Me: “Who’s this?”


He: “You have forgotten my voice too?”

Me: “Okay bye.”

Again a few days later he called me and after numerous calls I decided to talk to him.

Me: "I am happy. What do you want?"

He: "I know. But I loved you then and I love you now."


Me: "Then why didn’t you stop me then when I wanted you to stop me."

He: "You are the first person I left who I loved truly. I didn’t realise it back then. How? why? when? I don’t have these answers. You wanted to leave and I saw you happy so how could I stop you from being happy. I knew that he would keep you happy and give you everything that you wanted. And decided to leave you and didn’t utter a word. I hate the fact that you are with someone else now. I hate the fact that you are not mine. May be not in this lifetime but next, I will make you mine. And I will, my love. I won’t leave you. I'll find you."

I was numb. I realised I had tears rolling down my cheeks and was not able to say anything. I had never loved anyone the way I loved him. May be I can’t ever in my life.

He: "Please don’t cry. It’s okay. I love you. I loved you then too but didn’t know when I got attached to you. I love you now. Just talk to me once a day. I can’t stay without you."

Me: "If I said, I wanted to marry you since the day I realised I was already in love with you."

He: "Someday you will be my wife. And I assure you. Someday you will be called mine and only mine."


Me: "I wish I had a time machine to go back to that time then.”

He: "Need to wake up early tomorrow. Will call you tomorrow love. Good night. I love you and no tears.”

Me: "Okay bye. Goodnight"

I couldn’t reply to his 'love you'. Yes, I still love him but in life I have moved on in such a way that there is no option of looking back. Yes I wanted him, may be had I been single, I would have accepted him but no, I am not.

I am with someone else and two years from now I'll be married to that new man in my life. Sadly, some love stories cannot be defined and don't need tags.