He Couldn't Wait To Be With Me, Until That One Fateful Accident

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 21 March, 2018

My name is Asha. I want to share a story with you, which occupies a beautiful place in my heart and mind. Thinking of him makes my heart and soul smile and gives me courage like none other. Being loved by someone gives one the strength to live in a whole different way.

Coming to my story, his name is Akash. I loved called him ‘Akku’. He was my best friend, Piya’s childhood classmate in school and she happened to meet him again when she was studying for her engineering course. He was a badminton player in our college and always spent his time in sports, or helping out in college events. Akash loves his sports more than anything else.

I couldn’t believe the impact that he had in my life. It just took one smile from him to get a memorable place in my heart. I simply can’t express how glad I am to have Akash in my life. One day, we casually exchanged numbers and at first, I didn’t think it was much of a big deal.


He was in the Mechanical branch in college, while I was an IT girl. We both used to talk casually after our classes and we had a lot of help from Priya too.

One day, I found Akash weeping and desperately trying to stop his tears. I found this weird because I had always seen Akash with a smile on his face. A friend and I went and spoke to him, we kept asking him what happened, but he didn’t say a word. I knew something was off. But he told us that he remembered something from his past and that’s what sent him into depression.

I was shocked seeing him in such a situation.

We soon began talking a lot and he gave me an important place in his heart. This made me very happy, but I didn’t expect him to begin seeing me in this way; he was a lot more caring, even sensitive towards my feelings. We spent hours talking to each other too.


He used to send me heart emoticons, I know that a lot of people use it in a commonplace manner, but to me, it meant everything.

One day, he realized that I wasn’t too sure of what he was trying to tell me. So he sent me a text saying, “Te Amo…”, I had no idea what it meant, so I asked him and he told me what it did. Surprisingly, it felt beautiful when he said, “I love you,” in English.

I had never been in a relationship before and was wondering if I should even get into something like this, especially before I was settled in my life. I told him the same thing. I’ve observed a lot of similarities between Akash and I, but I never told him this. He wasn’t a ‘typical’ person, he was someone who one would even categorize as ‘unique’.

I began to understand his feelings for and while at first, I didn’t want to give him any signs, as time passed, we both became so close that we even began exchanging dirty jokes with each other and would laugh till we had tears in our eyes.

Day by day, my memories with him began increasing and he started occupying a huge place in my heart. We used to talk daily, on chats or over the phone. I felt so happy to just be loved by him. The way he looked at me, with those eyes full of love and his desire to make me his partner. I didn’t know whether his love for me was a forever one or not, but I knew that it was perfect.

I knew that I loved him from the core of my heart. I know I wouldn’t be able to bear it if anything would have happened to him. We would laugh, fight like kids and talk for hours and hours. My memory box, my heart, it was all filled with memories of his.

Even after the craziest of our fights, he would come to me and talk to me as if nothing had happened. This used to always make me smile.

He always used to tell me what he felt for me, randomly as we chatted, or while we were having an important discussion, all of that just made me grow so close and dependant on him. I don’t know whether it’s my friendship or love for him, but sometimes, I would feel miserable if I didn’t reciprocate the same way.

Three months later, I heard the worst sentence of my life, “He met with a major accident.”

It was an ugly nightmare.

Before this incident took place, we were texting till around 12:30 at night. I began to feel drowsy, so I wished him good night and fell asleep. I told him to travel safe, he was going back to his village with his family. His father was driving. Their car met with an accident, they were trying to save a dog and went straight into the divider.


I cried for two whole days and nights, I cried until there was nothing left inside of me.

It’s been 20 days since the accident, he’s fractured his right-hand and escaped with a few other scratches, but there was something that had changed inside of him. I couldn’t see it at the time, but I knew that he had changed.

Sometimes, he would tell me that he was lonely, or that he hated his life. Other times, he would insist that I left him alone. He might not understand it, but I love him and I am going to be there for him. I trust him, I know that he’s in there somewhere, my old Akku. The one who used to fight with me, tease me, make me cry, the one who sent me messages about how much he loved me.

Somewhere, between our past and future, Akku got stuck. He’s still stuck in the day of our accident. And with him, so have I.

I know we’re going to be together, Akku and I. Meeting him has made me believe in magic again.

Editor's Note:

Share this story, send love and strength to all those who have fate intervene in unexpected ways.