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God Works In Unexpected Ways, Sometimes Through Strangers

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A fortnight back, my husband was down with a fever. It was only later that we found out that it was a viral fever.

We live in this amazing city where the traffic is always impressive. And rickshaws are impossible to find when you need them the most!

So, I had no choice but to take my husband to the doctor on my two-wheeler. I wouldn’t have even considered doing such a thing unless it was such an emergency.

The doctor wanted to take no chances because several cases of swine flu had been detected. The symptoms were almost similar so he asked us to go in for some blood tests and screening tests.

We made our way through the pothole-filled roads. It was raining and I had forgotten to wear my helmet too. We were supposed to consult the doctor again in the evening along with the reports.

I was tired, irritable and cranky because none of us had slept through the night as he was running a high temperature.

“Look at the signal. It is red!” yelled my husband from the back of the two-wheeler. “I need to balance your weight, look out for potholes, the vehicles around me and also the signal! Don’t yell at me now!” I snapped back tiredly.

I couldn’t even see the signal post due to the bus in front of me. We waited for a break in the steady stream of traffic so that we could take a ‘U’ turn and go back home.

We knew it would take us some time to reach home. And even as we waited there patiently, a man in a car waved out to us. He stopped his car. We did not even realize what he was doing.

He gestured to us from inside his car. Somehow, this man realized our predicament.

A woman with a male pillion rider must have made him think.

He waited for us till we took a ‘U’ turn. My husband waved to thank him. I could not even do so because I was weaving my way through the traffic.

But this simple act of kindness from a total stranger touched me to the core.

We all lead extremely busy lives. Who has the time for God or to say a prayer, let alone help a stranger in need? Just sustaining ourselves in this world is a challenge.

I don’t really sit down and pray but I believe in a higher force. I don’t really make it a point to go to temples on specific days of the year.

But I do say a quick silent prayer when I cross the two temples on the way to the market. That is the only connection that I have with a higher force.

However, I have often realized that God touches us through such gentle acts of kindness.

It is his way of saying that ‘all will always be well’ and ‘we don’t need to worry so much.’

Several years back, my husband had to travel extensively for work. I had to live all alone in an alien city for several days at a stretch. I had quit my job due to this move and was yet to find another job in this new city.

One day, while having a long talk with my husband, I broke down completely and switched off my phone.

My life seemed like a total mess and I did not know what to make out of it.

Half an hour later, I scrubbed my face clean and marched out of my house. It was a beautiful place. Lovely flowers blossomed on the trees that lined the walking track. Several park benches dotted the winding pathway.

Almost all the people living in that area would go out for morning or evening walks. It was something worth doing every day. I felt better, calmer and more in control.

The faces seemed familiar though I was still a newcomer in that area.

Perhaps, my face reflected what I was experiencing. I don’t really know what happened next or how it happened and why it happened.

But a lady, a total stranger again, simply came, patted my shoulders and in a quiet soft voice said, “All will be well. Don’t worry so much. Take it easy.” I could not speak for several minutes.

I have always experienced the hand of God in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected times.

These are not supernatural scenarios where a sudden miracle occurs to reinstate our faith in God. These are everyday occurrences that may well happen to you too.

These are experiences we see and encounter almost on a daily basis if we are receptive enough to the happenings around us.

A bunch of commuters in an extremely overcrowded train will clear up an entire seat for you when your blood sugar levels drop down suddenly. And though they have had a rough day, they will genuinely offer to drop you home.

Total strangers who touch our lives in some way for a few fleeting moments and then disappear forever.

I met the lady quite often after that. But she did not even recognize me or recollect touching my life that day when I needed it the most.

I don’t know if I will be able to visit you on your birthday, God. But I value the blessings that you have blessed us with.

I know that you are always around all of us and you take good care of everyone and that is enough for us.

You take care of yourself too, God. Taking care of all of us is an arduous task but we honestly believe you are really doing a grand job of it.

I know we will meet again soon. We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

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