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For The First Time Since Dad Died, My Life Began To Be A Fairy Tale Because Of Him

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Until my high school, I was an academic school topper who would never distract oneself with silly things such as love or friendships. Well, I was not good-looking enough and also, had a temper due to which I was even bullied sometimes. Those weren’t really the pleasant thing of it all. But then things took a turn when I lost my father to chronic illness.

It was an emotional scar that left me with open wounds and a realisation that love actually might be the thing that keeps us together.

 Softened by the adversary but still willing enough to move forward nonetheless, I achieved my dream and got into a medical college.

Death leaves no one unscathed, some families come closer and some fall apart. Depression, illness, search for identity, and more importantly, love and approval is what drives the latter if it can’t be found within the unit. This drove my sister apart. More reasons to stick to what was left of us, me and my very caring yet depressed and angry mother.

But by God's grace, I met him. He would listen to all my woes without a single twitch of irritation.

In all my immaturity, I proposed him. I said I loved him for all the patience he gave it to me. After careful consideration, he accepted my offer. He wanted to have a partner for a lifetime.

It wasn't at all a fairy tale. The fights, the distance, the want of leaving each other followed for a lot of time. I was aware of my issues and bad temper and situations, so were he. But still, the word that we gave to each other is what kept us trying.

Eventually, we accepted each other for our flaws, pledged to change for good and finally learnt to bring the good out of each other.

We are well on our feet now and are full of love for each other. Our families are kept at equal pedestals and support. Humour and respect are how we deal our problems with.

So what I learnt from my story so far is that everything falls into place, you just have to keep the faith alive and keep working and wishing for it. God answers every prayer, provided we know how to look for it.

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