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Firstly, I Was The Wrong Caste. Secondly, She Was Older.

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A ‘May-December' romance usually takes most of us by surprise. It talks about a relationship in which one partner is in the winter of his life, while the other is in the youthful spring. In simpler terms, it talks about a couple with a major age difference.

An older man with a younger woman seems okay but when the reverse equation of a younger man and older woman comes in front of us, we raise our eyebrows.

It all started 3 years ago, I met a girl, who was eight months older to me. It wasn't an ordinary relationship; both of us had an amazing chemistry and perfect understanding. We started out as friends, later became close friends. But one day, something unbelievable happened, and it was beyond my expectations.

It was a proposal from her side. I was surprised, to be honest, I accepted it without wasting any time. I succeeded in gaining her trust, months passed and I decided to get serious in life. So I took up a job and started to plan a future with her.

Actually, it was unbelievable; our relationship was different from others, we never fought or argued. In fact, she used to love me more than anyone in this world. She used to cook for me and take care of me. I changed her contact to “WIFE” on my phone.

Our love story was exactly like a movie. In fact, whenever any one of us got upset, we just made each other realize how beautiful our love was.

We were madly in love with each other.

We had many ups and downs but we never had a problem or fought over trust issues. We always had minor misunderstandings but we knew they were a part of any relationship. We fought and got mad at each her. It was mostly her getting mad at me and I would calm her down and apologize even when I wasn’t at fault.

Years passed and one fine day, a huge problem crept in – THE INDIAN SOCIETY. Her parents decided it was time for her to get married and it was really a nightmare for me. I decided to talk to her parents, but she told me to wait for the right time.

I saw her parents rejecting our love because of caste. She protested, but her mom slapped her and forced her to leave me. She convinced me that she wouldn’t let this happen.

I tried my level best to convince her parents about our relationship. Her parents were strictly against getting their daughter married to me.

Months passed, they told her that I was only physically attracted to her and didn’t actually love her. They even took away her phone. With great difficulty, I called her on her mom’s mobile. To my surprise, she picked up the call and asked me to never call again.

She told me it wasn’t love, it was just attraction. She blocked me from everywhere. She told me she was getting good marriage proposals. My dreams were shattered.

One day her mom called me and told me to forget her as she was getting married into a rich family. It’s been 7 months and I still miss her but I want her to be happy. All love stories don’t have a happy ending. Some love stories are meant to be incomplete. Love is not just about staying with the person you love but is also about sacrifice. I kept quiet because I loved her too much. I don’t want to turn into a bitter person.

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