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Falling In Love Has Taught Me One Thing, You Have To Be Ready For Anything

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Everyone claims that love, at first sight, is nothing less than a fairy tale. I used to feel the same way, until my first day at college. It was an early morning and I was waiting for my college bus, with a friend. And when I stepped into the bus, my eyes fell on to him. Let’s just call him, Prince. And that’s when I realized that he was the one for me. I found my heart pounding and I was oddly nervous. His eyes had a magical touch, and I just couldn’t find myself to look away.

Within a few days, we became good friends and he added me to all social media platforms. I always had a crush on him but I wasn’t sure if it was an attraction or something more. I did, of course, have no idea what he was thinking about. He never told me anything and when I spoke to him about other women, he said that he did love someone in college, but never indulged in more detail.

It didn’t feel nice to hear him say thins and so I decided to avoid him, to pull myself away, before I would find myself curing a broken heart. If only he would have spoken to me, I would have realized that the girl he was talking about was me. And so, in that time, I began dating a senior. Let’s call him Villain.

After a year of our relationship, he told me that he didn’t love me and had cheated on me several times. He told me that he never loved me and that he just wanted someone to pass his time with. I was broken and hurt. I had truly loved this man, and now he wanted to leave me to marry a rich girl.

It’s been almost four years now since we broke up. The entire time, I’ve been in touch with Prince. He’s been such a kind friend of mine. He’s been a good listener too. Whenever I had any thoughts, he’s given me good advice and helped me sort out my thoughts and my life.

There’s just one twist here, my Prince and the Villain, they’re friends. They met around five years ago and when the Prince told him about me, this girl he saw on the bus, the Villain told him that I was already his and that we were committed. And that’s when he began finding ways to talk to me; just so that his friend, the Prince wouldn’t be able to get me. What he didn’t know, was that the Prince and I continued talking, we stayed friends. He is sure that he’s my soulmate, and I, his.

Truth be told, I don’t love him, but I do feel complete in his presence. It’s just that I don’t feel insecure about him. I know that he loves me a lot, but it’s a conversation that the two of us haven’t been able to have with each other.

No matter how much I think we love each other, it’s troubling to wonder why he’s not tried to make things official with us. Could it be because he doesn’t want to introduce me to his friends? Especially since they know about me and the Villain? Am I overthinking this? Should I just go and talk to him, confront him? I’m really confused about what I should do here.


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