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Every Day I Took The Same Bus To My Office Just To Catch A Glimpse Of Him

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I had a mutual breakup and it took me some time to get over it. I was moving on when I saw him. I was sitting in the window seat and my eye caught a tall, well-dressed guy who was waiting to board the bus.

I was curious to see his face, and as soon as he got inside the bus, I saw him. It was love at first sight.

There was something about him that made me think about him again and again. Both of us got down to the last stop and our paths changed from there.

I waited for his glimpse for few days but got disappointed as he didn’t show up.

One fine day, I saw him again and this time I made notice of his every single detail carefully. This continued for few days. I would check him out every day and there came the day when I got caught. When he noticed me for the first time and I just pretended to ignore.

All this was happening on our bus journey towards the office. Few days passed by and this time I got a front seat, which was near to driver’s cabin.

I saw him coming towards the bus and I behaved as if I didn’t notice him at all.

The bus was crowded and he managed to get in but was standing in the last row. I never liked to see him standing while I had a seat. I always wished that I could offer him my seat.

I tried to catch his glimpse without him noticing, so I turned my head a bit around. And guess what, he was already looking at me.

I quickly turned my head forward. My curiosity rose so I turned to see him again and this time our eyes met. I pretended to ignore but was happy from inside.

Then came our stop, I was waiting to get down but couldn’t as I was seating in the cabin row. Everyone was getting down and he was coming closer to the door. Our eyes met and he waited for a while until I opened the door.

He was standing right behind me when I got down. It was such a beautiful moment.

We headed towards our own office paths when I looked back to see him one more time. He was already looking right back at me. I was on cloud nine. The whole day I dreamt about us.

From next day onwards, we tried to get a seat next to each other but we never talked. Maybe that was the beauty of our relationship.

I was always nervous what if he starts the conversation. I didn’t know anything about him.

I liked this phase of my life where we only did the talking with our eyes. I liked the idea of mischievously staring at each other and that would do all the talking for us.

I have spent days dreaming about him.

Luckily, we got a seat next to each other one day and I heard him talking to someone over the phone. The way he talked, I understood that he was Bohri Muslim. At least now I knew something about him.

I started searching more about his community to know more about him. Our second last catchup was superb where he was about to talk to me, but he was interrupted by his friend.

It was such a memorable day; we both were bindaas-ly staring at each other.

I clearly remember the date 26th June 2014 which was our last eye meet. I waited for him one whole month. Sometimes I came early, sometimes late – just to adjust time with his. But he was nowhere to be found. I thought maybe it was the month of Ramzan and he might be on leave.

I waited for Ramzan to end. I used to pray for him daily to give him strength throughout the Ramzan. I used to eat less during that period thinking of him. 

Finally, Ramzan ended and I got even more disappointed when I didn’t seem for another three months. Like this wasn’t enough, I got another bad news in the same week.

My office was shifting to a new place in November. I was heartbroken then. I tried my best to find him but in vain. It had been four years now and I still remember him and our busy journey from Gurgaon station to Mayur Nagar

I never got a chance to express my love for my Bohri.

Today, I am happily married to another guy, who used to stare me in the same bus. He knows about this.

I sometimes ask him to get me my Bohri, to which he teasingly says that my Bohri would be married by now and must be having kids.

I am so thankful to my husband for happily cracking jokes on him and for maturely dealing with this chapter of my life.

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