Even Love That Fades Can Grow Stronger, And This Is How I Learnt It

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 4 June, 2018

Yes, they still love each other. ‘Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world’. Is this statement really true? Yes, indeed it is. No matter what, we will search for love here, there, and everywhere. Why does this feeling affect people so much? Like nothing else does. On a serious note, how many people are happy with this so-called happy feeling? Some say they are happy, some say they are happiest, some do say that they are not happy but they have too much to lose or at stake, they are too attached to walk out. Well, it's just all about the mentality and positive attitude within people. Long back, when the character of this story started loving each other, the world seems to be the most beautiful place. Out of nowhere, when he came into her life, life took a flip. The girl felt like she was the happiest girl in this world. He seemed to be the perfect person. Whatever he said, whatever he did, all seemed to be up to the mark.

But life never favours her. They say life can never see you happy, it will stock you down. It seemed to be so true. So true. From endless talks it went on to becoming just a nod. From saying Good morning every day to each other, to just not thinking of each other every morning. From meetings to just 2 minute calls. From video calls to just mere messages. Life put her back into the darkest phase. It was not that they don't love each other. But yes, that love was not the same kind of love anymore. It's true. Love was not love anymore. Sleeping together yet sleeping so apart. Each and everything changed. It is truly said that everything fades with time. But yes, they also said time heals everything. But there is a twist in this too. Some pain gets healed with time. Some pain never gets healed even with time. And some pain never wants to get healed with time. The boy loved the girl the most. Even now he does. The girl too loves the guy but Cupid had its own plans.

Situations got worsened with time. The boy didn't give any time to the girl. Yet he loved her. The boy didn't care about her anymore. Yet he loved her. The boy didn't pay her any attention. Yet he loved her. The boy didn't hug or kiss her. Yet he loved her.

The girl didn't approach the boy. Yet she loved him. The girl didn't try to seek attention. Yet she loved him. The girl was hurt deep inside. Yet she loved him. The girl was crying to sleep. Yet she loved him. The boy didn't call her. Yet he loved her. The boy didn't text her. Yet he loved her. The boy didn't click any more pictures with her. Yet he loved her. The boy didn't share his day with her. Yet he loved her.

The girl didn't wake him up anymore. Yet she loved him. The girl didn't cry in front of him anymore. Yet she loved him. The girl didn't console her. Yet she loved him.

As Cupid continued to play it's role, so did the boy and the girl. Distance played its role to pull them apart too. With growing misunderstandings, the girl broke down. With increasing distance, the boy broke down. There is nothing left in between them to be together anymore. There is nothing left in between them to be called a couple. There is nothing. Yet there is everything. There is still 'them'. There is still faith. There is still affection. There is still LOVE. Fighting amongst all difficulties, all hatred, all negative vibes, all misunderstandings, all downs, they both grew up together. They were mature. They were still together. They were still called a couple. For the world they seemed to be the perfect couple. They seemed to be the happiest couple. But only they knew their journey together. They knew the difficulties they faced. The past changed everything between them. They learnt to find happiness in every small little thing.

They found happiness in each other's smiles. In each other's words. In each other's sacrifices. In each other's tears. Love still bound them together. Love taught them to live. Love taught them to be 'them'.
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