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Even If You Decide To Come Back Into My Life After 20 Years, I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You

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To the man, I can never forget -

I loved you, I love you and I'll always keep loving you.

I fell in love at the very first sight of him. It was 5th of February and we met for the first time at a book fair. He was hosting an open debate conducted by his university and I happened to fall in love with him while passing by. I kept staring at him for around 5 seconds while he was looking for a participant for the event that he was hosting. Fortunately, he asked me and convinced me to be a part of it.

Little did I know then that he would be such an integral part of my life without even being in it.

That very day after coming back from the fair, I decided to look for him but there was a problem. I had absolutely no idea of what his name was. All I knew was the name of his university, that's it. I didn't know if it was enough but I somehow felt that my name was. Having my ISC viva the next day, I decided to take it lightly and concentrate more on studies and the next day after coming back from school, I started looking for him.

It took me around 5 hours before I finally found him on the social networking sites.

That day felt like a dream come true. Succeeding in looking for him, similarities in our names and realising the strength of my love felt like some Bollywood movie going on. Little did I know then that he was taken.

The Valentine week continued and I finally found the guts to ask him one day if he was taken. His answer broke my heart into pieces and I kept thinking to myself why there was not a tag to know if a person was committed or not.

Days passed and I had accepted my place as only a friend in his life.

Of course, he knew my feelings but had no clue how strong. His witty comments, unique way of talking, and his power to bring my mood back to its place was what drew him closer to me and the bond with which we were tied only grew stronger day by day. We met a day for lunch. I would always try to ignore his flirty statements cause I know he was taken. Things went on normally with our friendship growing stronger and our trust getting better when one fine day, he texted me only to let me know that his girlfriend did not like that he was friends with me.

The rest of it is pretty known, the same depression that I went through, the mood swings, the ill health, the broken trust and the shattered life. I act normal but I am actually not. I need to act that way cause I am the daughter of a mother who has taught me to be the strongest of all.

The truth is it doesn't matter if he reciprocates my love or not, I will keep loving him for the rest of my life.

I may have a few more relationships but he will always be my priority. Even if he comes back after 20 years and I am alive, I will stand by him.

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