Dear Mom, Thank You For Forcing Me To Marry The Man Of My Dreams

Deepika Dhiria Deepika Dhiria in Your Story on 26 January, 2017

In Indian society, as soon as a girl completes her graduation, marriage proposals start pouring in like there's no tomorrow. Then it totally depends upon your parents how they want to deal with it. They can ignore the proposals and let you enjoy your newly found independence or they can start considering them without even telling you!

I always assumed that this won’t happen with me as I had the most liberal parents in the world. They always spoke about my career being above all.

Then a day came in the year 2013 that changed them completely. I was 23 and had a decent job in my kitty when they got a proposal for me. I never thought my parents would even consider it but they did! They liked the prospective groom a lot. Especially my mom. She suddenly was very sure that he was just perfect for me.

She said, "His face says how good he is." I was shocked.

Like every other girl, I didn’t want to get married then. But I agreed, because I couldn’t say no to my mom. She was very happy and confident about the person whom I was about to get engaged with.

We only met once before our engagement and I wasn’t much interested but I trusted my mom and prepared myself for the D day of my life. We got engaged and it was only then that I got to know the person he was. Surprisingly, he was the most decent man I had come across in my life. It was the day after our engagement when we went out and I really liked him.

Suddenly I felt attracted to his kindness, his behavior, and his little conversations. Little because he spoke very less. And then as we know it, we started talking, chatting, and messaging each other a lot.

My mom always said to me, "Look for a good heart and not a good face." That’s the reason I didn’t ever pay attention to his good looks before knowing his heart.

I was slowly getting to know him. I started liking him a lot. I looked forward to our marriage. After 8 months of our engagement we finally got married. We will be celebrating our third anniversary this year and each day he proves to me what a perfect gentleman he is. He is someone to die for.

He is someone you can only dream of. But he is my reality. And I cannot thank my mother enough for choosing him for me.

There were people at that time who were not very happy about me going for an arranged marriage and that too at such a young age but I trusted my mother.

Today, I proudly tell people, "If your parents want you to do something, you should do it. Because they truly know the best for you." My husband is the most perfect example of that.
Editor's Note:

Share this story because it's okay to say 'thank you' for the good decisions your parents made for you. The decision you may have resisted in the beginning, that turned out great for your future.