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Dear Lover, It's Time To Open Up Your Heart And Make Me Happy

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Dear BNS,

Don’t be such a coward.

Gather your courage and open up about what you have locked inside your heart for me.

Writing will not help if you cannot even face me in reality. We will face the world together. Or at least die in peace because we are together in our thoughts.

Do you even realize that no one is against us being together other than you and me?

At least this one time, make me happy. I have asked you something for the very first time. I want to spend your birthday with you this year, only us. I want to see only you and not your friends. I don’t expect anything else from you.

But I do expect that we both feel far better after being together than we are today.

I hope that you aren’t judging me wrongly when I ask for your time. I know that you know me well, you know my likes, dislikes, what I love or hate and what I prefer and how.

But I pray to God that you do not suspect me of trapping you or trying to create a revenge drama. Before your brain thinks in that direction, please understand that I am also a part of all this.

For one last time, I am trying to initiate something just between us and I fear that the consequence will not be as it was ten years ago.

I hope you do not complain about me or lose your senses to your anger and hurt my intention. Even if you do, I don’t care, for I have lost my respect earlier too.

If this time passes, I won’t be able to meet you again.

I promise I mean it for I may have to move out of your life if time elapses. I hope you read every word of this letter and your brain interprets them for the same meaning as I type.

I will wait for you on your birthday. If you do not come home, I will be upset for sure.

Not because you never came but as we did not get a chance to heal anything over time.

I’m telling you again, I do not expect anything from you, not your money, not time, not life or any pity.

Thanks for reading,


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