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Dear Husband, We Would Never Have This Life If You Hadn't Become A Stay-At-Home Dad

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To My Darling Husband,

I have read a lot of stories on this platform - stories of love, breakups, cheating, sentiments, courage, women empowerment etc. These stories made me want to express my story too, so today I am penning our story here. Ours was a love marriage – it started with a long-distance relationship, through a fated Facebook friend request. That is how I found you, the man of my dreams. I was in Jaipur and you were shuffling between Mumbai and Bangalore, busy in your life and job but still, we managed to kindle this love. We had a mutual feeling of trust for each other, and one beautiful day we decided to take it forward and get married, we knew it was going to be difficult for both of us as your family would never approve of an inter-caste marriage.

But you stood by me, you came to meet my father, asked for my hand and won his heart too with your charismatic nature.

Then started the most beautiful journey of our life, that of a married couple. But slowly, I started to realize that things are not as smooth as it seems from the surface. You were with me, but your family didn't accept me completely. As per their words, they were with us, but I knew the reality behind the masks of your mother and sister. I shared my insecurities with you but I was scared from inside, fearing the worst - the outcome if you didn’t believe me? I confided in you and you trusted me, proving to me again that you are indeed my better half and my true soul mate. You always pacified me and kept me away from fearing to lose you to your family. I never ever saw you back off from your word, and I realized that I have found a man of his words, someone who can transform his promises into reality too when circumstances arise. A new phase started in our life when we found out that we are soon going to be parents. It was a tough time for me and you too, I know, but when no one from your family was supporting me, you stood like a pillar.

You were my biggest support and all through this phase, you never left me even for a second. You never let me be away from your hindsight.

Then she came into our lives, our little princess. We both were on cloud nine, there were no limits to our happiness. I struggled a lot in that time phase - ill health, pain, I was truly suffering. I had only one satisfaction and that gave me the strength to bear it all, the fact that you are with me and by this point, I was certain, come what may, you are not going to leave me. I realized after every passing day of that phase, how lucky I am to have a life partner like you.

When our doll turned six months old, the dark clouds of anxiety hovered upon me. Who would take care of her when I resume my job and go back to work?

I can’t leave it because it was a government job. I was too scared to leave her with any caretaker, but you understood my fear, you spoke to your mother once again but when she denied you for taking care of her, you took the bravest step of your life, you said that you will look after our daughter, and in a second you compromised your career, your goals and your dreams too for her. I fell in love even more with you that day. My love, you took such a big step in your life, something which very rarely a man would dare to do, and again you stood by what you said. Since the past two years, it is you who is taking care of her, like a mother, and a father. You comfort me when I feel low, you give me your shoulder when I feel like crying and because of all the pressures that you are handling because of me, you are totally cut off from your family.

You have barely spoken to your mom in the past one year, but you still stood with me at every point because you have taken my responsibility, you assured me before marriage, “come what may, I will love you forever” and today, you stood by all your promises.

Your smile hasn’t disappeared from your face. You took every aspect of our life as a challenge, it has been five years of our marriage and every day I see a spark in your eyes because of our love. You are really an example to this whole world that is male dominant and takes pride in it.

They ask, how a man can sit at home and take a step back in his career because of parenting? But you never feared it because you are a real man, a caring husband and a doting father, and you don’t need to apologize for it.

This is not just our love story but an example for the society where there are a lot of cases of betrayal, disloyalty, dishonour, and girls often face such situations in their married life when they find themselves all alone because their partners change completely and fail to provide them respectable places in their families. 

Love, Gudiya

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