Dear Ex, I've Lost Faith In Love But Thank You For Making Me Stronger

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 17 November, 2017

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

It was just two years ago, or was it? Anyway, it’s been ten months since that day. Some people say ten months is a long time. Long indeed. So much has happened since that day.

I was hospitalized for the first time. And they made channels in my hand, something that you always wanted to do by yourself. I fought depression, well still am. In between, I somehow finished my master’s thesis and managed to get admission into one of the country’s most reputed media school.

I left my city, met new people and made new friends. I lost faith in doctors and realized, truly, what a big a****** you really are and what you have done to me. I’ve changed. The people I now meet, they don’t have the slightest clue of who I was before I met you; or who I was after you left me.

But you know one thing that hasn’t changed a bit? Not a single day has passed by me when I haven’t thought about you. I could be extremely busy with work, or falling asleep drunk, or walking around deserted lanes of Calcutta, or be sitting in a crowded metro, but your thought always finds a way into my mind. I’m writing this today, on your friends birthday, and I can’t help thinking that a year ago, on this day, you kissed me, passionately.

It took me months to realize that you weren’t just a boyfriend, you became my best friend. Unfortunately, it also took me months to realize that you were never serious about me, about us.

And for the last few months, all you needed me for was sex. I can go on ranting, but that’s not going to change the fact that a part of me is ruined, forever. After ten long months, numerous dates and a few achievements, I’m still trying to find a way to be happy again.


Thank you for putting me through hell and making me a stronger person. Thank you, for making me numb and realizing that love is an emotion that can be faked.

I hope that what I’ve gone through, is for my best. More importantly, thank you for teaching me not to trust people blindly. I hope that you’re happy, in your tiny world. I have, before me, a huge scary world to explore, but I’m glad you’ve set me free. All I can say is, I hope you don’t do what you did to me, to anyone else.

Yours Truly,

You Know Who.

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