Dear Boyfriend, What Made You Change Your Mind After 5 Years?

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 27 November, 2017


It was in my chemistry tuition during class 11 when I first saw him.

It started with eye contact and moved to staring but we never spoke at first.

About 3 months later, he proposed to me through one of my friends. I was shocked but also felt happy within. However, I didn’t accept the proposal that day and waited for a few days before saying yes to him.

Our love life started smoothly. We’d chill together, go for walks after our tuitions and spend time with each other. We spent 3 and a half years like this.

I was very happy with him and he made me feel beautiful whenever we were together. I blindly trusted him.

He belonged to the AHOM caste while I was a regular Assamese girl. But his family wanted a daughter-in-law from the same caste. I was worried about his family but we continued going strong.

He assured me that everything would become fine and he’d convince his parents.

He always said, “I want to be with you in my future.” I felt lucky.

Years passed and he went to Guwahati for his BSC IT while I was in Jorhat for my BSC. We’d been together for 4 years.

One evening, my phone rang and I was excited to see his call. We had an affectionate conversation till morning but the next evening he told me that it was over.

He couldn’t continue the relationship, as his parents would never accept me.

My eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I told him that we knew that we’d have family problems then suddenly why had he changed his mind?

We were entering the 5th year of our relationship, then why was he giving up now?

I tried convincing him that we’d manage in the future; we’d find another way. But he wasn't ready for any solution. He refused to understand my talks and decided to leave me. It was his final decision.

I felt broken. It was something I had never even imagined. We were finally apart. I still can’t understand what is wrong with him.

He was never like this in the beginning then why had he become like this in the end?

He has blocked me from everywhere. He is still in Guwahati and I’m here in Jorhat. This has been the darkest phase of my life.


I just want to tell him, "Babatu you are always in my heart, not as my love but as a part of me."

Thank you for the 5 years you spent with me.
Author's Note:

Falling in love is a great feeling but never fall in love blindly and trust someone with all your heart, because if anything goes wrong, your heart will not be able to handle it.

Editor's Note:

It hurts when the person you once trusted decides to give up on you. Share this story because all us know what heartbreak feels like.