Dear Best Friend, You Are My Forever Person And You Don't Know How Much You're Worth

Priya Gupta Priya Gupta in Your Story on 1 July, 2018

Dear soul sister,

The 19 years that I've lived have taught me that no matter whom you are, no matter what you do and no matter what you feel, life will always surprise you with harsher circumstances and you grow and test your will through them. As I moved from a co-ed school to a girls college, things became hard, not initially but eventually. I met people who didn't match my tastes, almost nobody did. I couldn't digest that I’m supposed to stick with people I don't connect with for years. But then you happened to me.

"She’s a wonder and she is divine, They call her my best friend, I call her my lifeline."

I love how you just popped out of nowhere and made college life not just bearable but a heck of a blessing. We spoke during our first exams and didn't realise then that those one-minute doubt clearing texts would soon turn into two-hour long ranting calls. From different choices in clothes to the same choice in people, from different adjuncts towards birthdays to the same level of ambitions, from having different levels of craze for social media to sharing the same ideologies about relationships, from our different perceptions about PDA, to an altogether same level of bond, you've redefined friendship for me.

"Not all fairy tales are true, but yes! Magic does exist, A friend like her is all you need, oh yes! She’s the gist."

Life doesn't (aptly, never) go as planned, and I don't even expect it to. Label it as amusing, but I've realized that it will put us in the hardest situations that can weaken our bonds with each other, but it can't be a bigger bitch than our spirits. We’ll prove that nothing can blow us apart. From a crush to a howsoever serious a boyfriend, nothing has, nothing can. "I will never love again", one heart said. "Love is too beautiful to be real", the other ones read. "Bro wanted some notes" was how it started. "Bitch, call me, I need to tell you what happened", was how it never ceased to exist.

From being two completely different individuals to realizing that our friendship is too strong to be broken by arguments, we've already come a long way. Thank you for listening to my senseless problems and coming up with the best solution ALWAYS. Thank you for not judging me even after seeing me at my lowest. Thank you for the lamest jokes you crack to lighten up my mood in seconds. Thank you for the motivation, love and support you bestow on me to make me a better person. Thank you for existing. Do me a favour and stay a little longer (a little more than forever will be enough). Oxford needs to come up with more words to express my love for you, dear best friend.

Love, Your best half
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