Breaking Up Was A Mistake And Staying Friends Is Tough. I Regret This.

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 15 November, 2017

Our story started two years ago when I received a friend request from an unknown guy who had a few mutual friends with me. When I accepted his request, he realized that I wasn't the person he had intended to send the request to and so he sent me a text explaining the mix-up. This got us talking and we chatted for quite some time.

Later, I asked our mutual friend about him and she told me that he's a flirt. When I casually told him about this, he blasted me off and wondered how could I judge him so without even knowing him. He demanded to meet me and sort my doubts in person and I agreed to do so, if only to apologize to him. That's how we became friends.

A few months later, I got admission in a college away from home. Before leaving my town, I told him that I had a crush on him and he said that he wanted to kiss me. We decided to go ahead with the kiss when we meet next. On October 18th, we made out for the first time under a tree in the park. It was a really special moment for me.

Just before we kissed, he said those three magical words. However, I knew that those words didn't come from his heart at that moment because I could see lust dancing in his eyes and I knew that he was saying them just to make me comfortable.

Back then, we felt we were too young to decide about our future and so we decided to talk about it after two years and till then, continue being the way we were.

Today, two years later, we aren't together. We broke up three months ago. It's not that we weren't serious about each other. We tried everything to save our relationship - we fought a lot, waddled through many misunderstandings and crossed many obstacles together. Between all this, we became extremely serious about each other.

We even decided to get married, once I completed my education. Just a month before our break up, he even met my sister to talk to her about our relationship. I don't know what happened in that one month that changed everything between us.

I know he was busy with his work and during those days he didn't like to be disturbed. He stopped replying to my messages and answering my calls. It had happened earlier too, but this time my gut told me that something was amiss. One day, out of plain frustration I sent him a long message asking him to break up with me. To my utter shock, he said he was okay with it and wished me good luck for my future.

After a few days, I realized I couldn't stay away from him and tried to patch up with him, but he continued avoiding me. It's not that he behaved like a typical ex by blocking me or ignoring me. He did reply to me a few times and suggested that we stay as friends. I agreed to be friends with him just because I wanted him in my life, in any way possible.

But it's so difficult being a friend with him, because we shared a special relationship and I feel like confessing my feelings to him and asking him for a second chance.

But I also realize that he no longer feels the same for me so I have no right to ruin his happiness by choking him into this relationship. Every night I hold my phone and dial his number. However, I don't have enough courage to speak to him. I don't want to be hurt again. I've left everything to destiny.

Author's Note:

P.S - Dear love, it's not your mistake that you fell out of love. It's probably because of the situation that you are in, due to which you feel this way. I will never blame you. I really miss you and wish to rest my head on your shoulders like before, but I know things have changed. Your presence and absence have taught me a lot. I know its time for me to move on. I gave up on you so that you could be happy and live a wonderful life with someone you deserve. It's difficult, but I will pass through this too. I know that no one can replace the void you have created in my life. It may not disappear, but time will heal it. Amen.

Editor's Note:

Relationships were not designed to last easily. Share this story if you feel that regret should crumble easily too.