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Being Married To Him Didn't Just Change Things, It Made Me Grow

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Every time, I am astonished to see his care and affection towards me. Days and years have passed since we got into a relationship. Before we got married, we were together for quite a bit, and then got married to experience the bigger meaning of life. After the year 2013, life has completely changed and all for good, I can say.

Marriage is a bond not just with your husband, but it is also a union with the whole family.

Like every other girl, even I took some months to settle down in the family. And in the end, it all turned out well for me. What initially I used to consider "not my type" has now started giving me the feeling of newness. For this beautiful makeover and change in my life, I give credit to my husband and the Sadhguru. It is rightly said, "The right company can teach you good things in a much simpler way." In only about some time, everything in my life seems sorted and beautiful. I have worked on improving my mind, body and soul, giving each cell of my body a leverage to live longer. To all those reading what I am writing, I want to say that if you connect well with the words here, it is completely my pleasure. But what is substantially relevant here is to understand how to transform one's life.

Each second of our life is taking us towards the end of something but it is also simultaneously marking a fresh beginning.

My perspective on life changed when I started consciously working on my thoughts and body culture. Our entire life is beyond cries and howls. I learnt this when my best friend and my lifeline, my dear husband, backed all my actions, feelings and above all, my thoughts to nurture a beautiful world around us.

I do not wish to sound superficial, but I have learnt the true meaning of life. To my amazement, I have developed a better attitude and aptitude to handle despair, happiness, stress and ecstasy.

It is just about learning the correct art of living that can simplify the whole equation and fetch us skills to lead a happy life. I pray for happiness, satisfaction and well-being for everyone out there. I hope for a change in attitude that offers a finer life to all.

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